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  1. Hello, If you find TM5-252 and TM5-255 ,they are full of informations about aviation engineers. Nice day. Ajephisan
  2. Hello, Did this unit go to Belgium,if yes do you know in which cities? Thank you for your infos. By advance thank you. Ajephisan
  3. Hello Sir, You are right,It is well 3rd army,this engineer unit depended directly of the 3rd army . Have a nice day . Ajephisan
  4. Hello, I think it is a protective box for an USN radio transmitter type ATD when removed from an A/C. TM navaer 08-5q-39. Good day. Ajephisan
  5. Hello, Maybe you can get more informations at Fort Gordon. This is the Signal corps museum. Have a nice day. Ajephisan
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