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  1. This vest is to the Air Warrior system for aviation.
  2. These actually came in the GSAK ghille suit kits. Not from Natick that I know of. The tags should be in the pocket, its only care instructions, a size tag, and a Made in The USA tag.
  3. I didn't want to scan the entire instruction booklet because it 17 pages long, but here is the front cover. If anyone want to see them I can scan them.
  4. I recently got an Ecotat Shelter brand new with the manual and a pamphlet and though it might be useful to post.
  5. I was digging through some pouches I got recently and found this in a signal flare pouch. Any ideas what it is for? Thanks!
  6. I usually dont get DCUs with patches removed, in this case the 1st Cav patches and ranger tab have been stripped, but it has a theater made CIB and a theater Embroidered boonie so I bought it.
  7. Procrastinated picking it up for a while because the name was stripped but finally grabbed it.
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