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  1. Does anyone know a good place to find these? I have one: That doesn't really mean much to me, and am trying to find a USS New Jersey one but haven't been able to. If anyone knows of a good place to look, please let me know. It's for the shadowbox I am making for my grandfather (his badge was stolen many years ago unfortunately, with all of his uniforms). Thanks.
  2. I will say I never saw any custom flashes for sale. If people did it, they would have been a custom order thing. I know I had a custom order OIF Combat Medic patch made that is on the back of my Motorcycle Jacket, I also had a Cadillac Name tape, an O'Malley Name tape, and a Cadillac tab (like an airborne tab) made. But most of the patches that were pre made weren't unit specific.
  3. Chilling on top of my clinic: Me and my doc (he was awesome as shinola: And I think one of the very few times I actually wore my boonie:
  4. Have you thought about offering to let your collection be on display at the museum? Not as a permanent solution, but to show that you want to support the museum without stopping collecting?
  5. Oh absolutely. I'm just thinking back to the days when they would yell at us for wearing them like brits haha. When people don't really know how to wear them (initially), many try to wear them without really shaping them, which gives them an odd look. i.e (not terrible, but best example I could find quickly): Vs the AR 670-1 Regulation (well, as it was. We got rid of the berets for normal soldier use now, I believe)
  6. Awesome! That's the information I was looking for. I appreciate it.
  7. Makes sense. The US Army tries not to mimic other countries uniforms as much as possible. I don't think we ever wore berets the way Brits do.
  8. I have never heard of these, but "Vintage Productions" has a beer can DI from the 44th Medical Brigaide (which is my Combat Patch from OIF). What are they and about how much should they run? I'm thinking about picking this one up since it's what I wear on my Motorcycle jacket and it's what's on my Class A's. Just hoping to find more info on it. Thanks!
  9. Nice! I hope to find a named one as well. Some people collect helmets, after having this in hand I know it won't be my last armband that I get.
  10. I feel like this memorial could be saved by: 1) Inscribing the name of each beach into the stone 2) Placing the flags of the countries that landed on each beach into the respective stones (aka, use the stones as bases for the flags). It's a thought anyways.
  11. Got it in the mail today, super stoked to have gotten it. It's in amazing condition, but even having been cleaned at one point, you can tell it has been worn in the field a bit. I love it.
  12. His flash is actually over just a tad too far, which is why it is covering his eye so much
  13. I was trained how to wear my beret by Rangers. They had us cut the stiffener out on at least one side of the flash, wet it, shave it, wet it, shave it again (We''d shave it to different thicknesses depending on time of year). After that, the shaping was wetting it, shaping it and freezing it to hold it in place for a while. then letting it dry on a head form. As for covering part of the ear vs all of it, I shaped them different so I could wear them based on my mood. There isn't a real good guideline for it. The rim was supposed to be straight across the back though, but many people didn't really understand how to shape and wear their berets properly.
  14. I should say, Most of the ones they had made up where I were had stupid things on them as well, pictures, unit patches, etc. Not just the plain.
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