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  1. This is absolutely beautiful! It's a nice museum you've got there.
  2. I love neat displays like this. Very well done!
  3. WOW! I like how you solved the problem. Great job with the grip, that's very impressive!
  4. You'll have to post some up close and personal pics of that .45 in the weapons sub forum. Welcome to USMF!
  5. I noticed there wasn't one on here for Maryland. Personally I'm looking for spots close to Hagerstown, MD, but feel free to post anywhere in Maryland.
  6. Definitely go hinged. I used to own a gun case that had "sliding" glass doors, but needless to say they didn't work too well after a couple of years.
  7. So what's the value on this?
  8. Oh wow, thanks for the link!
  9. Unfortunately Dan2243 was right . I tried the negative, but it still just came out as blobs. It's a shame we will never know who this helmet belonged to.
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