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  1. I recently acquired this unknown " face mounted " microphone housing manufactured by Gentex. I think it's 60's era due to orange Gentex label which reads :SA1302. The green color and metal strap buckle remind me of Combat Vehicle equipment. Microphone inside is M-101/AIC. Does anyone recognize this item? I'm stumped! Any info appreciated, C7zx.
  2. Hello, I thought I would share my latest acquisition. The auction photos didn't show enough details to help me in identification but I took a chance hoping that this was an early MS-22001 Oxygen Mask based on the black straps that looked identical to the ones I've seen on an A-15 prototype mask (NIB) that I have and is dated 1945. The mask arrived and now I can share more details : MSA / TYPE A-13 / SIZE MEDIUM / ORDER. NO. 30-05344-12277 / SPEC. NO. 3165 / FOR USE ONLY WITH DEMAND REGULATOR. All my research always leads me to an article in Sweeting's book Combat Flying Eq
  3. I agree that you did a great service in saving a nice original example of US Navy flight helmet which helps preserve our military history. I have seen many APH-5 helmets with reflective tape, but very few H-4's. Congratulations on your score. One question though, It has been my observation that reflective helmet taping was widely used in the late 50's early 60's. Does someone know when USN and USMC started using it ? Also, could the #251 have any reference to numbers used on carrier based aircraft ? Perhaps someone with more knowledge can weigh in. c7zx
  4. Great detective work and Thanks! A David Clark A/P22S-2 Full Pressure Suit "cover" seems to be the right identification. Those keywords were exactly the info I needed to jump start my internet searches. Where I found this info : American pressure suit, operational 1960. The David Clark XMC-2-DC prototype, although still in need of substantial development, evolved into the MC-2 suit and then into a standardized Air Force high altitude, full pressure garment known as the A/P 22S-2. .
  5. Hello, to those following the forum. I seldom post, but need help with identification of a "Flight suit cover" that I came across on eBay several months ago. Google info was sparse. Manufactured by David Clark and dated 1969 with US Air Force marking. Not a flight suit and quite thin. Any info appreciated, c7zx.
  6. Thanks to all for the great information ! c7zx
  7. The name Grumman is hand written on the inside of the visor cover. I thought it had something to do with the pilot's name. It would be cool if it had something to do with Grumman Aircraft. c7zx . .
  8. Hello, recently picked up this flight helmet on eBay and thought I would ask members of the group as to its origins. Beautiful reflective tape job, the best I've ever seen. Interior is all leather. Chrome Oxygen Mask receivers (marked Flight Suits Ltd.) Removing the ear cushions revealed a small cloth tag indicating the pilot's name / HGU-33 designation / and Size Medium. Helmet is missing the visor knob, so wonder which type and color it should be ? Is this a civilian or military helmet ? and what are the black bumpers on the visor cover screws ? Any info appreciated, c7zx.
  9. Hello all, haven't posted since last year but came across an unusual mask I need some help with. Anyone have any info on an A-15 oxygen mask manufactured by Ohio Chemical & Mfg. Co. I'm familiar with the A-14 and A-13. Never seen this one before. Any info appreciated. Thanks, c7zx.
  10. Hello again, its been about a year since I posted this to the forum looking for information about what squadron this P-3 helmet may represent ? I came across a patch on Ebay that comes the closest I've found to date. This patch for the 37th Tactical Fighter Wing has a cobra and a lightning bolt. I can't find much on this Wing during the Korean War as it may have only existed on paper for a few months at the end of the war? Anyone know anything about this Wing or this patch ? Any info appreciated, C7zx .
  11. Very interesting and useful information, Thanks. I was able to identify some of the suits that I had collected in the last few years. I thought I would share a couple that I found with the group. Any comments welcome, c7zx First is a 5390-B that I thought the label was missing. I finally found it on the inside left chest area. The second is a 5390-E that i assume was dyed green. If so it was very well done as the color is even.
  12. Hello to all in the group. I'm fairly new to the forum and recently acquired a USN APH-6D flight helmet as a project. It's yellow and green with stars and a yin-yang symbol on the back. Does anyone recognize the tape job as possible squadron markings? Any help greatly appreciated, c7zx
  13. Thanks Dustin and Survival. I researched the K-1 mosquito gloves and looks like a match with the long wrist piece very nicely removed. I think that these may have been rigger modified for use by the pilot whose P-3 helmet they came with. ( Notice the color variation in stitching ). Thanks again, c7zx .
  14. Hi to members, I recently purchased a P-3 Flight helmet and these gloves came with the grouping. Brown leather palms and tanish cloth backs. Can anyone tell me if they are the correct 50's era and what they might be? Any info appreciated, c7zx. . .
  15. Hello to all in the group! I'm new to the forum and need a little help identifing the squadron markings on a USAF P-3 helmet that I just acquired. It has a Cobra with lightning bolts and smoking a cigarette painted on both sides. Supposed to be out of Laughlin Air Force base in Texas from the 50's. Any info would be appreciated, Thanks, c7zx .
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