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  1. Two Colonels, interesting set of Father and Son. I was interested in the USMC bracelet, but was surprised to find out about the father Colonel John Ernest Morris, that served on San Juan Hill, the Philippians, and Colonel of the 813th Pioneer Infantry(Black), 36 years active service. I would like to find out more on the ID disk as Captain, I suspect it is the 1906 pattern, but he was a Captain in the 2nd US Vols. during the Span-AM war as well. I would like info on JR. as well, as he seems a little more illusive. He was CO of 4th Jasco at Peleliu, CO of 1st ASCO @ Okinawa, and in Korean War CO of the 1st Signal BN. The information is limited, if anyone has a bio, please share. His tetanus is engraved on reverse of the Major Morris. All help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Yes, I've seen a few facing right. I was beginning to have concerns I couldn't find a photo or uniform of a 92nd soldier with 2 service chevrons, most have one. But I did find one belonging to Benjamin Blayton.
  3. I guess I'm with original question..... Guess its a 92nd Artillery until proven otherwise. Got to be a duplicate in this world sewn the correct way. Must be rare, nobody has one or seen one in a photo.
  4. This new forum is whack. Yes not 814, I guess guy thought was a variation of the black devil, although 814 looks like a mouse with a pitchfork
  5. Any thoughts? Black Devil, or buffalo of the 97th?............................................
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