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  1. Looks legit to me, stamping and patch with the red embroidered border. I've seen several example of that patch done this way and no doubt by the same tailor in Australia. Nice jacket.
  2. I was trying to track down former secretary of 526th AIB, but no luck, looks like in 5 years she got remarried, and disappeared. No Facebook page either. Contacted University of San Diego, currently trying to get on interlibrary loan but being out of state, not sure it will work, fingers crossed. I offered to pay the library to just crack the book and look up Bruno, but no go with Corvid they say.
  3. What used to be their website.. http://donauschwaben-usa.org/526th_aib.htm
  4. The 526th had a website, but with the death of many members it ceased operation. around 2015. What wonderful information seems to be lost. They mention a newsletter "The Pekan" that was full of photos and accounts by members of the unit, not sure why they weren't published??? Seems like they were doing the right things, but not preservation of these accounts.
  5. Apparently the University of San Diego has a master thesis on hand, Battleaxe forward : A history of the 526th Armored Infantry Battalion / by Thomas Forster Hanchett. Wish I could find a copy, seems published, but not sure printed.
  6. Patrick thank you for your kind response and information.
  7. I understand now that the star applied to victory ribbon stood for having served in combat.
  8. SSgt Bruno wearing the staff Sergeant uniform pictured above in the Company A photo. He is 5th from left.
  9. Bruno’s residence at 184 Hamilton St., Dorchester, MA in 1940
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