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  1. Thanks for your response Doyler. The few collectors I've talked to agree with your thoughts. Although I'm not a US Army collector, the 2nd Division Indian head of WW1 has always been attractive.
  2. Any thoughts on this 17th Artillery helmet? Paint period or close post war, or much later?
  3. EGA right collar disk, referenced as "issue" variety, or 1st pattern, Is it true these were punched out in France, and only worn by AEF. I also read there is an association with issue to 4th Brigade (Marine)?
  4. Good question, I did notice the star crossed the border, and had been looking for a similar one to verify.
  5. I thought was reasonable as well given comp prices
  6. Thanks for your response, just trying to get some validation, as I am a novice @ WW2 period patches. Now ask me about Revolutionary War or Confederate buttons, and I'm your man. As for price, $50 a piece.
  7. Any help with this Raider and Para Patch is greatly appreciated. They look WW2 kinda like the ones you see with WOSK tag, so assuming American made. It appears the Raider is the "smiling", "Casper" style patch, and both look scrapbook removed. Can someone help with the technical or mechanics of these patches? All information is greatly appreciated.
  8. nchistory

    WW1 3/6

    Thoughts on this 3/6 patch? Says this reference, I don't have. SEE PAGE 93 IN ROBERT J. DALESSANDRO & MICHAEL G. KNAPP'S "ORGANIZATION AND INSIGNIA OF THE AMERICAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE 1917 - 1923".????
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