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  1. Thank you GarayG! Here is a link to current USACC regulations. Of interest is CCR 670-1 and 672-5-1. RLTW https://www.cadetcommand.army.mil/forms_pubs.aspx#Regulations
  2. Rooster, Valid points. No offense taken. Thank you for taking the time to reply and provide guidance. I have tried doing Open Source research and asked reenactment groups but always came up empty. It is as if the knowledge has been lost to time. I figured this would be the ideal platform to find such information gaps. I understand the trepidation for counterfeit reproduction. George Peters, Medal of Honor recipient, was in G/507 for NEPTUNE. He is also from my home town (Cranston, RI). Looking to understand him more.
  3. Gentlemen, Curious as to the exact standards paratroopers in G company, 507th PIR would have stenciled on their helmets for Operation VARSITY. Exact dimensions, colors, examples are greatly appreciated. I have seen triangles and stars referenced to. There are many examples for the 101st during NEPTUNE but almost nothing for the 17th ABN. Very confusing.
  4. Beautiful Owen! Thank you. A co 3/75. Are the triangles standard for all 3/75 and the diamond for A co? I was in MICO, RSTB/75. What did the other companies in 3/75 have for Cat Eyes?
  5. Gentlemen, I am looking for advice. I am curious as to the exact color, dimensions, and design paratroopers assigned to G/507th would have worn for OPERATION NEPTUNE and OPERATION VARSITY. I presume G Company was in 3/507 not 2/507, am I correct in this much? Triangles have been depicted for the 507th PIR and also a reference to a star (see link). George J. Peters, MoH is a hometown hero. His citation places him with G/507th for the combat jump in VARSITY. I only assume he also jumped into Normandy. Any assistance in properly identifying what George Peters would have stenciled on t
  6. I am looking for a visual reference or SOP for patrol cap/ALICE Pack cat eyes within the 75th Ranger Regiment. When I was in Regiment, the different companies and Battalions at a mix of rectangles, triangles, etc to identify each other. I thought I remember Ranger Joe's sew shop had a chart behind the counter. Any help is appreciated.
  7. So glad they are back. Working from home under COVID-19 conditions?
  8. Does the new MI Bn for the 75th Ranger Regiment have a distinctive flash and oval? I was in MICO of RSTB/75th. The entire RSTB used 75th RHHC's flash and oval. Since TIOH has been down all of 2018 I have no idea if the new RMIB has it's on distinctive items. I have seen the new scroll. The new RMIB was "provisional" as of May 2017 and expected to be activate July 2019. https://www.goarmy.com/ranger/about-the-rangers/ranger-battalions.html I think it would be good to see an ultramarine (MI colors) single tic mark like 1st Ranger Bn. It would be unique to the MI function yet still tru
  9. Ok Gentlemen, TIOH has been MIA for half a year at least. Is it time to contact the media and get some accountability?
  10. 05 MAR 2018. Still down. Why would anyone target the TIOH? Not really full of State secrets.
  11. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-US-Military-Academy-West-Point-DI-DUI-Unit-Crest-Insignia-/141887393779?hash=item210925cff3:g:edYAAOSwX~dWplHf USMA grads, please explain differences.
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