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  1. Good afternoon, concerning the " unknown aeroplane dash" of which you wrote some time ago: I am a new member and have just seen your post: do you think the dashboard is still for sale ? I would be interested in acquiring it.

    many thanks and i apologise for being so direct with my request.

  2. Nice job, it looks great! That same kit was one of the early models I worked on when I was a kid, with a decent amount of help from my dad. I know it's still on one of my old bookshelves, probably covered in a good amount of dust by now. Those vinyl tracks made the tank pretty fun to roll around, so long as you were careful.
  3. Bumping this thread with a question. Which color would be best for restoring an M1 for a early to mid-war ETO impression? These are the paint colors currently available from rapco:
  4. It could be, or maybe medical related. Since it was found near a sub base there's maybe a connection there. Either way it's a great piece, and definitely a fun bad idea. Just don't get pulled over with it in the backseat.
  5. I picked this up at a flea market last year and tucked it in storage until I could get around to selling/trading it, and thought I'd share it here first. It's a USAF officer tunic from the Korean War era that belonged to a 1st Lt. pilot in the 5th Air Force. The eye catcher is of course the all bullion insignia. The best part is the Japanese-made 5th AF patch, which is bullion on felt. The Lt. bars, wings and "U.S." are silver bullion on maybe cardstock or similar backing, then sewn onto the uniform. Sadly it's not named in any way, there is some red thread sewn into the nape area but it doesn
  6. I've had these ranger scrolls in the collection for a while now, and wanted to make sure I have WWII scrolls and not post-war or patch king examples. 6th ranger has cheesecloth backing. Comments are always greatly appreciated!
  7. Thanks for the info! I've read through those threads and have gotten some ideas on what to get, I'm just curious if there's been anything new and tried since then. About Epson, I'm definitely leaning towards them from reading what other members have used.
  8. I don't think so, just a small amount of light green paint on the forward part of the helmet and it being especially worn on the dome area. Are the straps OD3? I thought they're OD7. I took another pic with a black background if that helps.
  9. I have a few sets of slides from vets I've accumulated over the years, as well as a large family collection of mostly slides and some photographs I'd like to digitize. I'm looking for suggestions on slide scanners that preferably could scan photos as well, but a dedicated slide scanner would work. I'm hoping to find one that is reasonably affordable and produces good quality digitization, however I'd be open to paying more if need be. What scanners have y'all used and how have your experiences been using them? If you happen to have an example of a digitized slide that'd be great a
  10. I picked up a Schlueter pot. 539A, rear-seam, swivel bales, manganese rim, OD 7 chinstraps with a steel hook and flat brass hardware.
  11. Schlueter 539A rear-seam, swivel bales, manganese rim, OD 7 chinstraps with a steel hook and flat brass hardware.
  12. My most recent M1 pickup, a late-war Schlueter pot that according to the configuration chart provided by Grant G. dates from mid to late 1945. It's in pretty good shape, and shows some wear towards the top. There are corporal stripes cut into the paint on the front of the helmet, but judging by the crudeness I'd guess it was done by a kid. Its rear seam, swivel bail, heat stamp 539A, manganese rim, OD 7 chinstraps with a steel hook and flat brass hardware. Nothing terribly special but a welcome addition.
  13. I was pleasantly surprised to these 4th FIW items at a local thrift store a few days ago, and of all places outside on their "Free Stuff" table! I haven't found much of anything on the "Rocker Club" other than it was a social club for personnel and there was one in Korea, where I assume these came from. I did find a page where other people have found other items apparently from other Rocker Clubs where the 4th FIW was stationed: https://www.koreanwar.org/html/units/usaf/4fiw.htm?PageNum_Looking=2 (You'll want to use the word finder) The ashtrays are not a set, each is slightly
  14. Worse actually. I spent some time in an abandoned house being cleared out and the previous owner was a SF training officer during the Vietnam era. I was able to salvage almost all of the papers, documents, and some uniform pieces but as I was walking outside they had a bonfire burning trash and this was smoldering on the edge of the pile. I was frustrated to say the least as it was probably in petty good condition before being tossed in, but there wasn't any point in saying anything. The guy in charge of the burn pile was not the sharpest tool put simply and who knows what else he burned think
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