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  1. Here's the flame patch. Sorry I fat-fingered your name cutiger83! PatchJohnson
  2. This will require two separate posts, but here are the MWDC patches for Communications (I have that patch) and a crappy, B & W Xerox of the first Warden patch with the flame (that I do not have). Just FYI for curiger83. PatchJohnson
  3. The Fire Warden specialty actually used two different patches. The first was a flame, which was followed by the "W" patch. The sixth patch has a Lightning Bolt for Communications. PatchJohnson
  4. The ACC Rumania is obviously a later period (1950's-60's) Japanese-made patch and was probably made for an ACC Rumania vet. The question is this. Does anyone have an ACC Rumania patch that could be called "theater-made", as in made in Rumania? PatchJohnson
  5. The patch is the Mass. Women's Defense Corps (MWDC) from WWII. It was an off-shoot of the Mass. SG. The "W" is for Fire Warden. There were six different SSI for the MWDC. PatchJohnson
  6. The "cigar" sticking out of his mouth was supposed to represent the 75mm cannon in the nose of that B-25 model. Great patch design. PatchJohnson
  7. The authors of the book were George Washington and Jack (?) Britton. The book was, and probably still is, a standard walk-around the show kind of reference. It is chock full of repros, but the guys who made the book were only trying to identify (name) the patches; not show actual examples of real patches, Unfortunately, they didn't make that very clear in the text. PatchJohnson
  8. Bob, It's sort of irrelevant to your question, but no way is your tab made in Japan - much too poorly made for that. I would guess either Okinawa or Taiwan. PatchJohnson
  9. Gentlemen, In light of the overwhelming evidence, I stand corrected. PatchJohnson
  10. Johnnie, I hesitate to disagree with your assessment that this patch is Navy, but I am fairly confident, despite the unorthodox way of stating the unit ID, that it is USAF. I have attached a crappy image of ATS 4, the design of which is a known USAF design, to show that the USAF did have a few units designated as Air Transport squadrons. PatchJohnson
  11. The latest Iron wings patch shown appears to be made in Taiwan. Probably a copy of the Japanese-made version shown at the beginning. PatchJohnson
  12. Bob, Thanks for the kind words. For ocsfollowme, there is an eBay seller called "medalsguy" from someplace in Arkansas that must have bought up the rest of the state guard reference books from Smitty's widow. He sells them for around $15, plus postage. PatchJohnson
  13. The patch is a typical "Ace Novelty" style of '50's-'60's Japanese embroidery. PatchJohnson
  14. Ski, Don't forget that I wrote "Smitty's" book and I have done a lot of research with the MSG history folks back in Mass. None of them tell me that the Military Reserve patch was any form of state guard. That is the puzzling part, and that's why I posted that patch to begin with. I am posting images of the first Mass. SG patch (the oval), plus a Mass. SG Reserve patch that has the "R" picked out (presumably) when the guy changed from reserve status to normal SG. As you can see, the construction is virtually the same for all three patches meaning, to me at least that they were all
  15. I am posting a patch I have owned for several years in the hopes that someone can tell me about it. It is made in almost the exact same style, material and colors of the Mass. State Guard and State Guard Reserve patches from WWII. However, it is not from the state guard. So, what is it? Thanks for any and all information. PatchJohnson
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