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  1. Thank you. I also found pictures of the grave 👍
  2. Hy All brands were found at an old US barracks. Who can tell me something about the brands. Number 2 is: Thomas Carraher 31035400. I could also find him at NARA. But where is he buried today? AB45
  3. Yes, my video can also be seen in the sister forum. I didn't want to forget to tell you about my trip here either 😀
  4. Hy Back again. It was another three beautiful days in the pocket and the 9th Army broke out. I was particularly happy about the silver ones. You don't find the King of Poland every day 😀 Have fun watching it. AB45
  5. Back to where it all began in 2014. Back to where I could find the first half marks. It's not like that in the last 6 years we haven't come back to this point every now and then. And every now and then you could still find a coin. So I was all the more surprised that there was a piece of identification tag lying open on the meadow. 🙄 3 German dog tags and my 45th US Army button are the result of a lot of searching. Enjoy watching, AB45
  6. Hy This sign was found in a field today, about 3 kilometers from the actual crash site. The German sergeant and night fighter pilot Helmut Burkhard, who shot down the enemy B17, was born in Offenbach and also died in France. AB45
  7. It was around 50 years ago when you came as the 41st FA Group. The badge probably went through a lot during that time. Now you are back. In Graf since January. https://www.army.mil/article/214491/41st_field_artillery_brigade_returns_to_germany Welcome back 41st FAB 👍
  8. Hy Pickup and I were out with our MD again. In search of Wehrmacht ghost soldiers. You could hear the soldiers' calls at night. Unfortunately it is getting more and more difficult to catch one. But I still smell a beautiful, well-preserved DUI of the 83rd F.A.R., which a friendly US soldier left there 30 years ago.
  9. Hi Those who have time and happen to be nearby. Maybe you should take a look at the spectra. It could be interesting. However, because of the great distance, I don't expect you to come. I will try to be there. To be able to report them with a few pictures. At the Nilkheim bunker, near Aschaffenburg, a 20-vehicle commemorative trip starts on the 75th anniversary of the Baum task force, the so-called Patton raid. At this command, General Patton ordered the liberation of the Hammelburg POW camp, which was then 80km behind enemy lines. The command ended in a fiasco! The historic vehicle
  10. Thanks for your answers. If anyone could confirm the 3rd Infantry Regiment, that would be very good. He might have been to the 9th Field Artillery. Only these two units can be considered for the period 1945/46.
  11. Why was he buried there? The Jefferson barracks were closed in 1946. Did he live in St. Louis for a long time?
  12. Hy Last night I found this very interesting bracelet with a metal detector On the front you can read: John J. Valenti 37400667 On the backsite : Love, Virgina 10.16.44 According to NARA, he was not married. There is still a small stamp on the sign. MFG 1/20 12K Why did he have this bracelet and not a normal dog tag? Were these bracelets more common among US soldiers? He should have been in the 3rd Infantry Regiment and guarded German POWs in 1945/46. Gruß AB45
  13. Hy I took over these two finds from a treasure hunter. At finds were found at Amberg in Bavaria. What surprised me about the brand. Why is the ID number before, US and not RA before. I could not find anything about Mr. Scott at NARA. Gruß AB45
  14. Hello my friend. Both of us have long been a relic of this time The traces of our youth are disappearing more and more.
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