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  1. Lets not forget Leland Lou Diamond who enlisted in 1917 and fought in all battles with the 6th Marines in France and who also served with the 5th Marines during the Battle of Guadalcanal at the of 52 in 1942.
  2. Saw this badge on ebay and research brought me here. There wasnt a whole lot I could find about the insular patrol in google. This looks to be the same as in the ohotos best I can tell. From what I read there were 12 posts I think in the villages and towns in Guam that had Insular Patrol stations. This looks to be from #6.
  3. Thank you and nice group! I always enjoy seeing an authentic George Medal. Would it be possible to post clearer pics of the front and back of the medal? Seeing as this has the paperwork to go with it, it would be good to have a genuine example for which people could gauge copes/originals against. Although most copies I have see leave no doubt they are a copy... I have also noticed that some of these original medals have the star on the sleeve and some do not - although all seem to be originals. Do you think that maybe the ones with stars on the sleeves are from the talked about first
  4. thank you. I figured even if it was a reproduction I still got a good deal with it inside the frame and all. However, not so sure the medal is a repro...hoping not at least.
  5. It is inside a really nice frame and taking it out would be quite an undertaking. Let me know what you think and I will work on getting better pics through the glass.
  6. Hello all, Took a gamble and purchased this off EBay for not a lot of money. It came enclosed in a case with glass on both sides so pics were a bit difficult I wanted to put it to the experts - do you think this is the real deal?
  7. Howdy Ya'll, A number of years ago, I purchased a Japanese map of Iwo Jima picked up during the battle by a PFC Savage from 5th Engineer Battalion. I haven't seen but a couple of these on the internet but from what I have heard it is printed on some sort of rice paper I believe. It feels more like tissue paper to me, but nonethe less it is quite fragile. I was wondering what should I be doing to preserve this? Currently I have it rolled up in a cardboard tube in a clear plastic sheet. Any suggestions? Also any ideas on who the other 2 names on this may be? I can read PFC Savage eas
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