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  1. Yeah, as Major Z said, the dirt and stains are supposed to remain on it to show that it was actually in use. Cleaning it would not be good.
  2. I don't know much about boxes, but I'm pretty sure they came in the box as is shown in the photo, at least the ones from that manufacturer. You do see boxed medals with the medals wrapped in paper like that. The lapel button appears to be in a cellophane sleeve.
  3. It's been a while but I came across another nice Navy medal bar with a named GCM. He served as an Aviation Ordnanceman in Torpedo Squadron 88. VT-88 was based on the USS Yorktown at the end of the war and flew missions against the Japanese, including the Japenese mainland.
  4. I now have an almost complete Army set. The master sergeant and sergeant badges took a while to find. Still need a first sergeant to complete the set, anyone have one they want to part with? The sergeant insignia is interesting because the three chevrons didn't exist during the Korean War (at least not in the Army). That is probably why you see so few of them. It could be that it is from the late 50's after they reintroduced the three chevrons. Another option could be that a Marine wanted a "subdued" sergeant insignia, so they painted it Army dark blue for him. Or some
  5. I don't think it will be possible to trace it. Even if it was a numbered Czechoslovak award, I don't know how you would figure out the recipient. You could try contacting the Vojensky Historicky Ustav in Prague. They may be able to help.
  6. Very nice bar. I think all of the medals are theater made.
  7. Sometimes all stockpiles turn up and it could that is where this belt came from. Even unissued German stuff has been found in recent years.
  8. Somewhere on the forum is a list with pictures for dating Meyer hallmarks.
  9. I‘ve had the problem that toothpaste cleans metal very well but it doesn‘t take long and it tarnishes again and leaves stains/discoloration on the surface. Doesn‘t look great when it has dark stains and fingerprints visible on it.
  10. Does anyone have an idea how I could find out when this Marine was discharged from active duty? (without applying for his records) I still haven't found out what happened to him after 1940 even though I would assume he was still serving during the war.
  11. The USMC Good Conduct Medal looks like the newer type that would have a crimp brooch. Those are easy to find. You could either look for an individual brooch or buy another modern inexpensive medal and remove the brooch and use it on your medal. The latter option would also supply you with a ring for the medal.
  12. I think your second assumption of equipment tag of some kind is probably right.
  13. I have seen some more WWII dog tags with this large font before. Actually I recall one of the forum members, I believe from Germany, found one of these in the ground and posted some photos of it.
  14. That's a very nice group. Has just the right size for a good display.
  15. Actually they are not the same badges as in the first post. You can see the difference if you look at the corrosion around the pins. But I would say they are probably from WWII as well (or at least from that time frame). I think the seller is pretty reliable in his descriptions (I'm quite certain I know who is offering them).
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