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    1900-present-mostly U.S. ,collecting for about 50 years. My wife have a very eclectic collection. We cover all aspects of combat and the effects on not only the combatant but the effects on the home life. I am a veteran of the Vietnam war. I was a grunt in A co. 1/7 1st Mar. Div. in '69. I am a graduate of Augusta Military Academy in '68. Some of my Alumni are a Co-pliot Chuck Manch on one of B-25's of the " DOOLITTLE RAIDERS" , a tokyo raider (fire storm),a PARA-MARINE, the present day commander of the 1st Mar. Div. M/GEN Larry Nicholson. My principle was the room mate of George Marshall at VMI in 1899-1900. This along with my families history (wifes & mine) has made us an avid collectors of all aspects of warfare and its effect on America.

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  1. I have no idea. Maybe one of the patch collectors could help you.Dave
  2. I had the flack vest with pockets but picked up an Army vest in my last couple of months. They were lighter and more comfortable. I found a WWII mountain pack dated 1942 Hinson. I trashed the tubular frame and attached it to a pack board with the quick release strap. I mostly wore ERDL. On LZ Baldy or Ross I met these Army medics that gave me a wounded guys uniform ( it came from his gear in the rear not off him ). I was a spec 4 in the Americal Div. Didn't go over to well with the Marine NCO's & Officers to well. I even had the baseball hat. That didn't last long. I also was issued an air
  3. THJ- I was a Marine 0311 in 1969. When I carried the 14 I had the magazine pouches upside down ( they came out easier, gravity is nice ). I also tried the grenade pouch and found if you didn't tie the leg strap they bounced uncomfortably. If you did tie the strap it rubbed you raw. I started carrying my grenades on the H-straps and bent the spoon up or used an extra canteen cover. I think I could fit 3 M-26s in the canteen pouch. I carried a gas grenade in my mask in the pouch. If we had 60 mm mortars with us every man carried an HE or Illum round. I would wrap the HE ( lighter than Illum ) in
  4. I have a " U.S. MARINE CORPS " utility knife marked CRAFTSMAN ( underlined ) on the main blade. No other markings than those two. It has a non-beveled unmarked can opener, no assist on the screwdriver and they are both on the same side. The craftsman is extremely faint. I will try to post a picture of the blade. Has anyone heard of a craftsman made Marine utility knife? It does have the brass on the bottom. If anyone has any info, I would be interested in hearing their thoughts. Thank you in advance. Dave
  5. Battery plate and paper tag attached to side.
  6. Thank you for your help. Any idea on worth? Dave
  7. sorry having trouble resizing photo-will try again
  8. Can anyone tell me what this is and what it is worth? Saw this at the flea market and the vendor wants $50 for it.
  9. Jon-Remember I am still up for adoption. Dave
  10. This is a pic from early 1970 of A 1/7 1st Mar Div after it became a CUPP unit. I think the berets are ERDL. I'll try to contact my friend and see if he can take pics of his beret.
  11. Bearmom-Thank you for the info. Sorry I didn't thank you sooner, out of town. Dave
  12. The cord is red and off white. Thank you for any help with this.
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