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  1. Hi Nack! Here is a photo of the Camp Alamo Sew Shop. If you look along the left side of the photo, vertically along the edge of the wall partition, you can see some Masonic patches. So they did make some. Mark
  2. Hey guys, I found one of these (the Rhade version, but exact construction as this Koho) at the last ASMIC in Denver some years back. It was with a bunch of other USSF insignia from Vietnam. The price was so low (like a bargain bag) at the time I thought, "Wow, these are great repos!" Had I seen them being sold as originals, I would have believed several of them were. Most we're unmistakably Asian made so I thought they would make excellent stand ins. However since then, I have had a couple top experts convince me with strong evidence and reference material that two of the pieces were original
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