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  1. In the only reply to my own post, the picture captioned "23rd and 24th CO U ARD" was taken at Camp Humphreys Nov. 1918. ARD per the quartermaster general report is an abbreviation for Army Reserve Depot. It refers to supplies or reserves to be distributed to the multiple cantonment camps, forts and overseas camps. The head of the Corps of Engineers decided in 1918 that he wanted all engineer units regardless of their division to receive reserves/supplies from one central location. By centralizing the distribution, the Eng Corps could keep better track of what supplies and expenditures were dis
  2. Can you explain the caption on a unit picture of "23rd and 24th Co U? ARD" taken Nov 1918 at Camp AA Humphreys? Just bought the picture on ebay hoping to find my grandfather but caption was not clear from ebay picture. My grandfather was with 5th engr trng regt Co D, 7th engr trng regt, and 2nd engr trng regt, Co K. I believe he was stationed at Camp Humphreys for all assignments. Is that true?
  3. A family record indicates the person was inducted at Fort Slocum, NY 5/13/1918. His assignments included 5th engr trng regt, Co D, 7th engr trng regt, and 2nd engr trng regt, Co K. Where was he for these assignments? He was demobilized at Camp Humphrey 3/5/1919 as a sgt. I realize he was in the second draft and was being trained as a replacement soldier. By the time he got to 2nd engr in 11/1918, the war was nearly over so would his rank and company indicate he was training others? Can someone help resolve this or suggest a place to research?
  4. Never knew my grandfather who served 5/13/1918-3/5/1918. His records were burned in the NARA fire in 1973 so very little is known except for his unit assignments. State records indicate he was inducted at Fort Slocum, NY and served in the 5th EngrTrng Regt, CoD thru 9/25/1918; 7th Engrs to 11/16; 2nd Engr Trng Regt, Co K to discharge from Camp Humphrey 3/5/1919. Was promoted to sgt 10/1/1918. I do not know if he went to AEF in France but did find that 2nd Engr Trng Regt was at Camp Merritt to be sent to France. Does anyone have knowledge of this unit's deployment? The family never met or saw t
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