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  1. Very nice grouping a few of them are Rare and that is an awesome price for the lot !!
  2. Similar style to that of my father's 8th airforce bullion patch !!
  3. They are not rare knifes but they have a high value and collectors go crazy for them I would see you having no issue getting 500-600 in the right setting and if thier is a lot of interest bids may go much higher !!
  4. I have my own opinion on these wings I would say being that they are sterling and the style of them from what I can see I would date them between 1946-1952 !! There was a reference somewhere else online to a very similar pair of wings but I do not recall were i saw them !!
  5. As stated are conflicts on the border officially started in 1911 and then was some what ended when we entered WW1 !! So basically they are just commemorating the whole conflict even though the navy and the Marines weren't involved until 1914 !
  6. Will do patch collector, thanks for the info and the complement !!
  7. Great finds, i especially like the WW1 disabled veterans fabric piece it's a real gem !!
  8. I meant to add Combat missions performed on a plane but those would only have went to members of the air crew.
  9. I was meaning to ask the same thing how would would a tank destroyer get the air medal ?? Other wise it is an awesome grouping. The air medal is awarded for merits In the air or number of combat missions right ?? Maybe he help save men when an aircraft was it with flak ?? Just a possibility
  10. May God bless this fallen hero. It is sad but many ww2 vets have already died this year and I believe many more will pass away in the coming few year !!
  11. Nice well recorded and we'll kept grouping but I couldn't see myself shelling out 1,100 for it I'm thinking closer to 500 bucks for it would be fair !!
  12. Thanks ram for pulling that up so we know he was in the 9th airforce !! That's a small start !!
  13. No not a dress uniform it is a collector patch or for reunions or just a repro !!
  14. I agree with the above opinions on the helmet very nice, but of course a repaint !!
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