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  1. No patent info on button's reverse.
  2. I see nothing in your photos to suggest that this is not and original 2nd type 1903 cartridge belt. It is properly constructed; the buttons are correct and display patent information; the markings on the brass are crisp; the metal stamping is symmetrical; the ink stamp is correct, as Mills didn't include dates until after 1910 (the earliest I've seen is 1911). If you were to visit WPG's (What Price Glory) web site, their reproduction M1910 belts their brass stamping dies do not produce a clean and symmetrical cut. In the attached photo, look at the center grommet'
  3. Not to hijack this thread, but having looked at the seller's other questionable items, I bought one of the "humped up" uniforms being offered. Someone put signal corps insignia and the wrong buttons on this uniform. But that's okay, I recognized the pig under the lipstick... and she's gorgeous! Look closely at this seller's photo: 😁
  4. That is a time in service chevron. A wound chevron would be at the bottom of the other sleeve below the corporal rank.
  5. Very nice, Jason. Originally made in 7,62x63mm, but later for 7,62x51mm. Which caliber is your "new toy"? The bi-directional bolts on the M37 are scarce, and expensive; therefore, you might want to use an Israeli 7,62x51mm bolt if you plan on "beating on it like a red headed stepchild. " Remember, if the trunion isn't chromed, use a thin steel shim if you use metallic links, otherwise cloth belts are just fine as is. Do you (still) have a belting machine? Your friend and fellow collector, Msn
  6. Kudos, Pep! I was watching this, but chose not to bid. You got it for a bargain. As you know, the metal tubes only existed until some time into 1912. Do you have a pack display on which to mount it? If so, post extra photos! Your friend and fellow collector, Msn
  7. Phenomenal update! I very much appreciate the scarcity of your wet weather gear; both the poncho, as well as the raincoat are quite scarce and are desirable in almost any condition. Yours appear almost unused. You must have looked long and patiently to purchase just the right ones to add to your collection. I'm glad that you decided to get the Mackinaw. These are quite uncommon; the few I have ever seen are almost always found without their belts, as yours has its belt, you can always up-trade if a better condition specimen surfaces. That it has minor is
  8. Talbert Tent & Awning (T T & A) is the trademark of a *MODERN* company producing reproduction items for the re-enactment market.
  9. I never fail to be impressed by the depth of Glenn's collection, as well as how it is presented. I am eagerly awaiting future updates to this magnificent display. Glenn: If you need help scaling and converting photos to get the maximum resolution and size within the 200Kb file limits, send me a PM.
  10. Photo included is not mine. My camera battery is dead, so I'm recycling someone else's photo. I've used google images to search for photos of this belt, both on this forum and elsewhere; however, I have never observed a marked belt. Mills never failed to mark their products. Russell also marked their products, but their ink stamps seem to more easily wear off. These belts lack the quality of both Mills and Russell, so my question is, "Who made them?" I suppose that one or more of the Arsenals could have produced them, or that these are State Guard acquisitions from some unk
  11. Rara Aves (Rare Birds) Outstanding! I recall that you once shared a similar period uniform from the USS Marblehead, so I guess that you're not just a patch collector, but a collector of Naval uniforms and accouterments. Not much detailed information can be found in Naval Regulations to distinguish early clothing, so I hope that you post more of your collection, and be sure to write a bit about each photo that you post so that others (and I) can learn the significance of what we're looking at, and how it differs from changes made later. Thank you for posting. Msn
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