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  1. If you happen to be an aviation fan Wings Over Miami is a nice museum. It's on the small side but has a PBY Catalina, A-26 Intruder, and my personal favorite an F-14D. Along with about a dozen other aircraft. I think admission is $10 per adult, at least it was a year ago. Didn't look for surplus last time so I'm afraid I can't help on that front.
  2. Thanks for the link and the information. Nice to know other ppl enjoy the weird stuff that I only seem to be drawn to. Over the years I've collected a little bit of everything. But this is the first time I've had the opportunity to buy something like this. The few times I've seen military electronics of this nature I couldn't afford them.
  3. Found this thru craigslist at a local industrial scrap yard. It might very well be the strangest thing I've picked in years and just too cool to pass up. This is something I have never seen in person and have no idea what it's worth or if it's even legal to own. That being said I thought it was too cool not to share with like minded enthusiasts. Hope you all dig it as much as I do.
  4. Thanks much and my apologies bags are not my thing so I hadn't even considered it being non-US.
  5. My girlfriend's father bought a duffel bag from a local goodwill last week and gave it to me for my collection. I have tried since then to identify this item on my own but have had no success. I was hoping someone here would be able to enlighten me further on the origin of this item. I don't know if this is an original piece or something heavily modified during it's service or afterward. Altho I lack a picture I wanted to note there was a stitched label inside but it is completely threadbare. My apologies if I have posted this topic in an incorrect place. And my thanks in advance for yo
  6. I stumbled on this thread and I read the many reasons given by other for collecting and thought I'd share. Right now I collect Ordnance, helmets, and the occasional gas mask. I hope to at some point assemble a decent collection of flight helmets but that hobby is awful expensive. But the reason I collect doesn't come from military family or military experience. I became fascinated with militaria, especially naval aviation as a child of the 80s. I had GI Joes and Transformers as a kid and there wasn't anything cooler in my book than the Skystriker and the U.S.S. Flagg. An earnest interest
  7. HK Models also does a very nice 32nd scale B-25 and Gloster Meteor. There is a prototype Lancaster in 32nd scale as well. If you search HK models 1/32 on Google etc. there is a photo from the B-17 prototyping phase with an employee holding an assembled 25 next to the 17. The size of that monster is a little daunting and I collect 1/18 scale military toys.
  8. That is a really great piece. I have picked up some strange pieces in my many years of collecting but nothing quite that cool.
  9. According to the Orlando Sentinel the official statement is they are going to reorganize as a broader appeal family destination at a different price point. There was some mention of scaling back on the number of displays etc. There is hope they may be back in operation before the end of the year but I'm not keeping my fingers crossed. The special events they are referring to I believe refers to the use of the meeting spaces which are adjacent to the museum. There is an annual military collectors show which has been held there and which apparently will still go on in June of this year.
  10. I saw the topic and just had to check this out. I also was led to believe that it isn't legal to buy or sell anything Tomcat. On a certain giant internet auction site there is someone selling what they claim is a F-14 wingtip.
  11. I've been flea marketing since I was a kid and collecting militaria off and on for the past decade plus and I don't think I have ever had a haul like that. Part of that might be regional however, I have heard Florida isn't the best place for vintage flea marketing. The one exception to this rule is during the winter when you get the markets with snowbird vendors. I have often times thought about moving north just for the sake of collecting, perhaps the northwest might not be so bad either.
  12. I just wanted to take a minute and compliment you on the quality of your displays. I've always been an aviation enthusiast with a particular love for the F-14. I've recently started a collection of flight helmets and perhaps with a great deal of time I'll be able to assemble a complete suit of my own. But for the time being I will admire yours and be able to use it for reference.
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