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  1. Here are a few other I have:
  2. I just picked up a cool grouping father (WW2) and son (Vietnam). The item which initially caught my attention at the antique place was this camouflage beret - with Engineer branch symbol and name affixed to it. The salty OG107 'floppy' hat - with porcupine quill - is part of the son's items from his service in Vietnam.
  3. The son: Jack E. Bowers was born in 1941, and I found his obituary which stated that he served 20 years in the U.S. Army, that he had been a Vietnam Vet and had earned both the Bronze and Silver Star Medals. After retiring from the Army, he worked on Fort Campbell, KY in the post's weapons shop. He passed away in 2018. I love the camouflaged beret - as I don't have one. Is this a Vietnam example? The green floppy hat appears to be salty, and with what looks like a porcupine quill tucked into it. Service ribbons, Senior Parachute Wings - which would make sense if he was in the
  4. Saw an awesome camouflage beret and salty OG107 floppy hat at an antique shop today. Was quoted a great price ... then the vendor remembered that he had some other items related to the headgear. Looks like I ended up with a father (WW2) and son (Vietnam) groupings. Father first: Frank Lee Bowers was born in Knoxville, TN in 1922, and was drafted into the U.S. Army in June 1942. He was a mechanic in the 279th Ordnance Maintenance Company, and earned the ETO ribbon with five campaign stars - Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, Rheinland, and Central Europe campaigns
  5. A primary reason for us to accompany them was to help de-conflict with adjacent (i.e., Western) units was because they used a lot of Soviet weapons and equipment - particularly tracked soviet air defense systems.
  6. I have a piece of that SCUD! I was north of Tapline Rd, east of Hafir al Batin in 2nd Bn, 5th SF Group. We were with the Egyptian ground forces as advisors and to facilitate close air support for them. When we got wind of the SCUD a few of us went over, where I grabbed a piece as a souvenir. Thanks for your service Brother!
  7. A Captured Nazi Flag sent home by Vernon Shafer, of Company D, 83rd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.
  8. Very cool! I brought home a similar periscope, though mine is apparently U.S. I took it out of a destroyed BMP just north of Kuwait City.
  9. With the 30th anniversary of the First Gulf War - and coming out of the recent holiday season - I'm posting some of my personal hand drawings from the time. I was an Intelligence Analyst in 5th Special Forces Group most of my Active Duty career. Of the 22 years I was in, a little over 15 years of it was in 5th Group (and mostly the 2nd battalion). I was known for doing simple hand-drawn cartoons of amusing things which took place around the unit, which were commonly displayed during the Battalion Commander's daily update briefing. An November 1990, I was asked by the
  10. I bought several pages out of a photo album of a Paratrooper named Harold Leo Brumley, who served in the 11th Airborne Division in the late 1940's. Among the photos is his permanent pass is dated 28 May 1948, and has Brumley assigned to the 90th QM Rhd Co., at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. This is most likely from his skill training, as in the larger portrait of him, he is wearing Ordnance branch collar disk. There are several photos of him with his wife and children, as well as a couple in older age. I've not had much luck finding out anything about him - his servi
  11. This auction was for an enormous surplus store in Clarksville, TN - outside Fort Campbell - which had been in business for over 35 years. The store is closing and will be going all online. They've held several auctions, selling off primarily surplus inventory. However, on this particular auction, the store's owner was selling off parts of his personal militaria collection. The large lot I bought had been actually previously been rescued / recovered from trash, and was all there was for this Soldier. It's very likely that the family may have retained his actual awards and decora
  12. This is everything which was in the group. It was actually more than I realized, after I won the bid. A large wooden crate full of documents, two cardboard boxes full, two large parachute kit bags full of gear and the uniforms, as well as a lot of framed items - I removed from the frames to save the space. I got everything for about $200, and was pleased about it. Mind you, the items posted here are but a handful of what I have. The majority of this grouping consists of official documents, travel and assignment orders, etc ... which are too plentiful to post - the pr
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