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  1. My flashlight I had in Vietnam(70-71) is a Fulton MX-993/U ,no switch guards and is straight and gray in color.I think I got this one in flight school.
  2. Well,if any body can help to I have a 1916 RIA spoon once owned by D1252. Can some body help id the soldier?thank you.
  3. The 129th was at Lane Army Heliport,An Son ,Viet Nam in the 70-71 time period(when I was there) and there were Cobras there.There is a facebook page for Lane Army Heliport.It was pretty much roll your own over there so if a pilot had had taken his APH 5 over there he could have painted it up and wore it, although the SPH 4 was the norm.
  4. There might be a date and manufacturer on the back of the plastic one.
  5. What kind of holster is that?
  6. What is omega metal please?I have an L,F &C 1918 with a similar handle.
  7. I have one of those common 4 bladed stainless knifes our ALSE tech gave me that we carried in our survival vest that is marked Q 1986 on the blade.Would anybody know who made it? Thanks.
  8. i pulled out my covers yesterday and I have a like new dark green canvas cover with metal clips; Cover,water,Canteen,M-1956 DSA-1-6568 FSN: 8465-577-4926 -5- .The -5- is by itself below the other markings. I'm guessing it is a 65 or 68.Can anybody verify for sure? Thanks.
  9. Mine has the 4 digit numbered contract like the 1st post.They let me keep my APH 5, my 2 K2Bs, one 2 piece nomex,helmet bag,and that old style nylon grey/orange flight jacket.
  10. At some point they stopped putting that little thumb catch on the screwdriver/bottle opener.My 76 doesn't have it.Also, make sure you don't partially open 2 blades on the same side as it might break the spring.I have one of those made in 1986 by Q. Any body know made it?
  11. I have one two piece nomex I kept from V/N that has the same number on it (pants). It has the built in belt and and open black belt buckle.I got it issued to me in May 1970 when I arrived at my unit.The shirt tag is long gone.They wouldn't let me keep the other two flight suits I had.
  12. Saw a coat today at a antique shop.I don't collect them but here is what is on the tag.I have a pic on the phone but I am no good at posting. TYPE D-1 Specification No 43-13615-AF Order no 94-3084-1Rough Wear Clothing Middletown,Pa. Property Air Force U.S. Army. Coat and wool lining in fair shape, no outside markings I could see.It had a 3 "metal chain above the tag for hanging.Price was $750 but included leather pants, which I didn't see.This was in Tomball,Tx.,45 miles north of Houston.
  13. In the movie "Air Force" you can see one mounted on one of the bulkheads on the B-17.
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