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  1. Thanks Misfit 45 and cuuyooper (sp)! I have my moments! These are very scarce! But few are interested in M7 trivia... Back down my "rabbit hole" of transitionals... hyrx222
  2. Found another right under my eyes! Gary Cunninghams Bayonet Points #7 .
  3. thorin6- Thank you for your input! I have been searching for this one (PAL Bowie point) for years. I have many books (Gary Cunningham, Brophy, Silvey, etc.) and other reference materials. However, when entering the "transitional" zone, beware! There are more "type" possibilities or variations within a type than any other US bayonet I have studied! I have my own "data" or records to fill in the gaps... hyrax222
  4. I seek a M1905, PAL made and dated 1942 or 1943, that has been shortened to an M1 with bowie style point (by any of the usual contractor/manufacturers). No "field" or self altered wanted. I'll be more clear in the future.... Thanks for your interest, hyrax222
  5. I have been on the trail of an M1 (cut-down M1905) Bowie point made by PAL. Have any of you seen one? Or am I chasing a chimera? hyrax
  6. Misfit 45 Your assessment is keen. I am a student of the estemed Gary Cunningham (Silvey, Cole, Traszka, others). Much of what I know comes from his extensive works. I would never imagine the possibility of this being a (successfull) cut-down. But it is intriguing! I will measure the scab. body soon. All packed and mobile due to OR wildfires. Hats off to Misfit 45!
  7. First I have ever seen. If a fantacy scabbard, it was well done. Throat crimps look right to me for an original construction M7. Your thoughts?
  8. The dated M1's are a scarce and a challenge to collect. I have found the undated 1905 cutdowns (M1 or M1905E1) much more difficult to find... The transitional US bayonets from 1943 are one of the most interesting and varied areas of M1905/M1 collecting, anything was possible, and some still lurk....
  9. Only UFH could pass a mess like this! The reason? There was a war on! Priority was on functionality over cosmetics. Very cool and unusual M1905!
  10. I believe the diagonal lines on UFH bayonet in the ricasso area were formed when the shoulder at the bolster was milled. This was a hand-fed process and the milling cutter cut those scallops as its travel was reversed at the end of the cut. This is called ,"climb-milling" and tends to dig into the milled material once the pressure of material removal is releaved. I have only seen these on UFH bayonets. Perhaps this was a production expedient. UFH was the largest producer of M1905 bayonets and they had two factories in the same new England town. They were cranking them out in 1943!
  11. Very big (huge) collection of WWII thru Vietnam contracted M1917 scabbards! Congratulations... The CA, M1917 bayo is scarce...
  12. I wonder what happened to Gary's research materials and notes?
  13. Mikedon- Lovely 1922 stamped M1905 bayonet. According to my figures, only about 300 of these survived WW2. Of these, few are in the mint condition of this one!
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