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  1. hyrax222


    I believe the diagonal lines on UFH bayonet in the ricasso area were formed when the shoulder at the bolster was milled. This was a hand-fed process and the milling cutter cut those scallops as its travel was reversed at the end of the cut. This is called ,"climb-milling" and tends to dig into the milled material once the pressure of material removal is releaved. I have only seen these on UFH bayonets. Perhaps this was a production expedient. UFH was the largest producer of M1905 bayonets and they had two factories in the same new England town. They were cranking them out in 1943! UFH made some very interesting transitionals...Steve
  2. Very big (huge) collection of WWII thru Vietnam contracted M1917 scabbards! Congratulations... The CA, M1917 bayo is scarce...
  3. I wonder what happened to Gary's research materials and notes?
  4. hyrax222

    M1905 Bayonet

    Mikedon- Lovely 1922 stamped M1905 bayonet. According to my figures, only about 300 of these survived WW2. Of these, few are in the mint condition of this one!
  5. The wooden M1905 scales in this condition sell for over $100 when offered. Bayonet sold for $51.
  6. Time has not demimished my sorrow at the passing of Gary Cunningham. I am standing on his shoulders as I use his works as a launching platform for my studies of the US bayonets. Who will carry on his legacy? And those before him? I have my notes and best guesses on many odd or new M1905 and M1 variations, with no where to go to varify or compare....
  7. Repro. Attached a pic from Frank Trzaska's site. Three known original bayo's.
  8. The number of variations and flukes to the M1905 and M1 bayonets is huge. During the change from 16" to 10" bayonets in 1943 many events were taking place which would conspire to thoroughly mix and confuse any reliable records and data for, not just bayo's, but everything WWII. Gary Cunningham wrote some great books! And for that we are forever beholden to him. So to add to my knowledge base (untill a new book comes out) I take copious notes. I am sure many of you do as well. This has helped me form pocket "cheat notes" , so I can readily check dates, ser # ranges, total production figures, etc. 40 years collecting and still haven't caught a few!
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