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    Collect mainly Strategic Air Command items and items from my old unit, 351st Strategic Missile Wing, Whiteman AFB, Mo. I was a Minuteman II ICBM missile crew member, DOTI (missile instructor), and DO22 Intel and Targeting Officer. I started out in the 509th Strategic Missile Squadron (351st SMW) I enjoy all things SAC missile related. I have patches, pins, missile competition pins and buttons, missile ascots, bullion missile and SAC badges.

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  1. Thak you Lee. I like the SAC bullion patch because it depicts the olive branch in front of the lower cloud which is how some of the earlier SAC emblem designs were depicted.
  2. I salvaged this from an old 80's 351st SMW trucker style hat-foam backing was crumbling but couldn't just chuck the whole thing. Hopefully to be reborn as patch I imagine.
  3. 3901st Strategic Missile Evaluation Squadron (SMES) 25 year anniversary pin (1961-1992): The 3901st Strategic Missile Evaluation Squadron was made up of crew members, missile maintenance technicians, munitions technicians, communications technicians and missile civil engineering technicians that were handpicked from the missile wings and squadrons. Their duties were paramount- crucial to the maintenance and performance of our nuclear missile forces. The 3901 SMES would visit every missile wing (and squadron, in the early Atlas and Titan days) every six months. Most visits were schedule
  4. For me it's the Strategic Air Command and USAF missile crew related materials.
  5. Two new Minuteman Missile 100 and 200 missile alert duty lapel/tie pins
  6. Minuteman II Missile lapel/tie pins (two on left) and Minuteman III Missile lapel/tie pins (two on right)
  7. Strategic Air Command Missile Competition 25 Year Anniversary pin~ first competition was in 1967 and the 351st SMW won. The last competition under SAC was in 1993 and the 351st won.
  8. 1992 91st Missile Wing Roughrider pin with 3 warheads in the background. Plus the No Lone pin: a control mechanism designed to achieve a high level of security for especially critical material or operations. Under this rule all access and actions require the presence of two authorized people at all times.
  9. This pin represents both the 351st BG 510th BS & the 351st SMW 510th Strategic Missile Squadron.
  10. The 341st Strategic Missile Wing, Malmstrom AFB, Montana Pin #1 & #2 Pin 1-Pin shows the Minuteman I/II, Cuba, and Minuteman III Pin 2-Mushroom cloud and the updated unit designation-341st Missile Ops. The 'Strategic' was removed as part of our nuclear agreement with the Soviets. 341st Missile Wing is an intercontinental ballistic missile unit headquartered at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana. Up until 1 July 2008, it was designated as the 341st Space Wing. The historical significance of the 341st occurred in 1962, Cuba The Bay of Pigs incident-the missiles assigned to the nation’
  11. 321st Strategic Missile Wing, Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota Warriors Pin #2: I liked the detail on the sword. The pin is less than 1" wide and the sword has '321 SMW' printed on it.
  12. 321st Strategic Missile Wing, Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota Warriors Pin #1: Shows the Blanchard Trophy, the years they won the trophy, and the Minuteman II on the left and Minuteman III on the right of the trophy They were the first to deploy the LGM-30F Minuteman II missile (The previous deployments were all Minuteman I)
  13. Two 91st SMW, Minot, North Dakota Missile competition pins. The 91st were known as the Roughriders and Teddy Roosevelt was their mascot (for lack of a better term). The pin on the left is shaped like the state of North Dakota and shows the Minuteman III missile. The pin on the right has the Roughrider emblem atop a basic missile badge.
  14. A newer pin that commemorates the 1st Minuteman Missile launch.
  15. This is one of my favorites. The pin acknowledges the Atlas, Titan, Peacekeeper, and Minuteman missiles.
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