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    Rouen - Normandy - FRANCE
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    I collect Vietnam war era camo uniforms (especially Tiger Stripe camo) and headgears from the ARVN and also its US Advisors. I'm also interested in Special Forces uniform of this period.

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  1. Your shirt is interesting, since it has all feature of legit Beogam, but the pattern print is a little different than what we always encounter and the waist tabs are really unusual.
  2. it s an ARVN ERDL invisible camo pattern, but your set was retailored from the civil hunting set made with surplus fabric (Air Assault Badge was issued after Vietnam war)
  3. Look good, but maybe Davis buckle belt is too late to match with M52 flak jacket
  4. One of his jacket and several M-65 that was on Ebay few weeks ago.
  5. Nice grouping, especially ARVN airborne set, one of the nicest I ve ever seen
  6. Great shirt, no worry, 100% legit , 1st time seen worn by USAF. Congrats
  7. Here is mine, he served in VN in 1970, there was no jumpwing sewn on it.
  8. Hi Jaromir, What can I help you ?
  9. The book was written by a well known Spaniard Vietnam collector, he is member in this forum
  10. It seems there was a name written above the pocket, is it a "recycled" shirt taken from a Marines ?
  11. This is the one I have, totally unworn, it has an interesting feature which is a hole for DUI or Flash. DSA 76 http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15165-post-nam-khaki-beret/
  12. Just seen the Dog Tag website, the pattern is tadpole like but has some difference, Any thoughts ?
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