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  1. Awesoe. thanks guys. The seller wants 50 USD for it. Does that seem good
  2. Hello all. Seen this 1st pattern shirt for sale that says original but I am not to sure as haven't seen many here. The tags look super new and I am not sure if this is original or a repro. Any help would be good and also maybe a value if original
  3. hello all, Was wondering if someone could help me out. I have a modern uniform that is stiff as a board I assume from being starched a lot. Are there any tips out there on how I can get this back to being unstarched? Do I just wash the heck out of it?
  4. Living in Australia, and worse Perth you would be lucky to find that much of that kind of uniforms at a military show. I would have bought the lot.lol
  5. Thanks guys. Will check them out
  6. Hello all. I have just finished reading House to House and loved it. Thought it was well written. Are there any similar books about Afghanistan or Iraq people would recommend
  7. lytec


    Hello All. I am wanting to start getting into bayonets but it will be a slow process(due to funds). The first one I want to get is the style that would have been used by US Army around the early 2000's. I really dont know much and didnt know where to look. Any help would be appreciated
  8. The guy who has one of these on facebook is selling white name tapes for $4 posted each.
  9. Hello all. Not mine (obviously due to the cost) but thought I would share this grouping with you all. I saw it in the shop and then found the pics etc on their website. https://www.jbmilitaryantiques.com.au/jbstore/usa-medals-awards-badges/the-infamous-thomas-abraham-us-vietnam-war-british-medal-group-buy
  10. Hello all. I was not really sure where to put this request so hope its not in the wrong place.am trying to source some pics of WW2 PT uniforms of the 101st at Camp Toccoa.I am looking at slowing getting into WW2 stuff and was going to start fairly easy. I know getting originals would be hard and expensive so might start at repro or close to. So I am looking to see if anyone has any pics (hopefully color) of 101st guys in pt gear. I have seen some but not color. Even if someone has some in their collection they could take pics of and post that would be great. Thanks in advance Craig.
  11. Hello all. I dont know much about tigers and was wondering if somone could help me by having a look at these pics. I dont think they are real but as I said not my filed. If by any lucky chance they are what would they be worth? Cheers Craig
  12. Thanks guys.I liked it but as this is not really my area I wanted to check. As always great advice.
  13. Thanks Guys. Can you explain why not.Is it genuine? Is it to expensive even if it is? or is it simply a fake?. I am just wanting to expand my knowledge. Cheers Craig
  14. Just wondering if someone can give me an idea on this patch. Its from a military collectors store in Perth. They claim its real but I dont know enough about patches yet. If you can make out the pics in teh ad can you let me know why you think what you do. Thanks in advance for your help. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bedford/collectables/vietnam-war-us-1st-cavalry-division-tunnel-rats-uniform-arm-patch/1047236066
  15. What an amazing grouping this is. Such a lucky person to find this. Here in Australia you couldnt even dream of finding anything of such importance.
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