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    Luftwaffe field Divisions (World War 2) and the 173rd Airborne
  1. Hi guys, I just got this old thing and am curious to what I have. It came with a dated '67 Westinghouse liner. The shell I am curious about. I am in Canada and it may be a US built shell, but the stamp 8721 is hard to find any info on. The chinstraps are 60's or early 70's I believe. I went over the lid with a magnifying glass and this is the only identification found unless there is markings under the paint. Can someone help me out? Thanks, -Shawn
  2. Great find!! I love the history and it is great you got some information to go with it.
  3. What an interesting story. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Great job restoring it. A great display piece for years to come. -Shawn
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