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  1. That is a beauty Love of Flags. How or where did you find it?
  2. Thanks Mr. Jerry! Looking forward to seeing your book when it comes out.
  3. Thank you Love of flags, looking forward to you posting a pic for us when it comes in.
  4. Thanks manayunkman. I had never seen anything like it, I had to have it.
  5. Hello. Can anyone help identify these old hat cords? I do not see them listed. One is red, white and blue but faded. The other appears to be black, brown and white. Thanks, Mike
  6. Hello. Thought I would add this one for an opinion on age. It is silk like material except for the stars which are felt. It is approximately 36x 26. Found it at an estate sale, no history on it. WW2? Thanks, Mike
  7. Anyone know what one would have to pay for a CCC certificate? Thanks.
  8. Hello all. Any idea what this leather case was used for? It is marked Rock Island Arsenal, 1916, TCC on the flap. Measures approximately 19" long. It appears to have a flap which is designed to hang from a saddle. Very sturdy construction, box-like shape, not pliable like a saddle bag. Thanks, Greybeard
  9. Good to know so that means the medal may be an add on, given by an aquaintance, who knows? Thanks for the insight.
  10. The War Medal is not impressed which surprised me when I first received them. Maybe American recipients didn't receive engraved medals? And, I don't know if it was awarded to the father or son, I am guessing the father as he was an officer. Appreciate the image of the enlistment card! I will check out Ancestry this week.
  11. Hello. I purchased this group of medals recently thinking they belonged to Maj. E.L. Messler, 21st Engineers, USA, as named on the SAR medal. After some research on him, I discovered he had a son serving at the same time in the 1st Gas & Flame regiment, Co. B, named Thomas D. Messler. He was wounded and gassed and also received a Croix de Guerre. Those two medals, if ever issued, are unfortunately missing. Thomas also served in the Marines during WW2. If anyone has any knowledge of these gentlemen or recommendations on how to find out more about them, please let me know. I have only been able to locate Thomas' grave marker in Florida, a reference about him in a book on the Gas & Flame regiment and a short biography on his father in a Yale alumni article. thanks,
  12. Hello guys. Does anyone know the value of the version Tonomachi posted? I saw one like the first version posted by Cutiger recently sold on eBay for $230.
  13. Thanks guys for the info and comments. I don't know much about the Coast Guard so much appreciated. I have another post in "what's it worth" on some other lapel pins that came in the same lot.
  14. Hello all, Trying to identify this screwback lapel button, I do not recognize any of the ribbon bars. I can't date it but I would estimate 20's or 30's. thanks, GB
  15. I think all of the ribbons have to be discounted but I may be just hoping some these were re-ribboned.
  16. Greetings. I know this is not a new topic on the Board but I would appreciate any opinions on the authenticity/value of these four medals. All were purchased as "copies". The first and second ones I am fairly certain are but not sure on three and four. The American version looks to be an older cross with a new ribbon (marked "simco-gi"). The smaller French version has some age to it but just not sure on that one. I can post other pics if needed. Thanks.
  17. Great little group and story. Do you know if Kong was returned to Ms. Atkinson?
  18. I'd be more concerned about the exposure to the light in those clear plastic sleeves than cutting the threads. Are you concerned that cutting them will detract from the authenticity?
  19. Too bad about the case but fortunately those are pretty easy to replace. I can't imagine why someone would glue half a case to something else. I am in the same dilemma, a named and numbered PH but no success in finding out more.
  20. Very interesting group spanning three conflicts. He seemed to have missed Korea. Any insight there?
  21. Nice acquisition. Do you know what the red fins on the bombs indicate versus the unfilled (on the Quonset cut-out)?
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