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  1. Hi, I'm a bit late, but does anyone know which subunit of the 332nd got the Genovese St. George medals? The HQ maybe? The colonel got it in gold, a few officers in silver, and about 100 men in bronze according to the Lettau book. I'd post a picture, but my Kindle takes lousy pictures and I need to replace my camera. If anyone has pictures or prints of that group, I'd happily pay for a copy to display with it.
  2. This is really neat to see. Is there a monograph on GCM? If anyone is interested, I have two named GCM's I can post later. Kindle takes lousy pics. One is an odd duck. It is a late replacement to a Korean War Air Force vet, Raymond L Stanfill. The other is a WWII sewn style to an H W Fafser.
  3. Did anyone here bid on the five medal lots they had? I won 2, but there was a mixup. I got the NDSM from lot 236 by mistake, I think- it looks like a better match than lot 237, but it had the lid for my WWII Victory from lot 238. I'm trying to deal with the auction house, but no success. It isn't a huge deal, 2 medals from mid-80's production lots, for $6 and shipping, but I'd like to straighten it out of possible. These are very nice, boxed sets with the description printed on the box lid. I'd be happy to exchange medals or even buy the other at a reasonable price. I was who you outbid!
  4. Old topic, but a new reader and a twist. I've got a Navy Expeditionary Ribbon made just like these and a clutch back Mexico Campaign with the same crimped brass back plate with the posts and a magnetic steel form. Someone suggested they were Meyer, so I searched and found this thread. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/333670-single-piece-crimp-ribbons/
  5. I'll have to look at that. I haven't seen any others with that back before. The clutch back is two piece, but the back plate with posts is the same stamped brass. The form is steel and magnetic. It wouldn't let me edit that post.
  6. Is anyone familiar with the maker or correct term for these? Silk ribbon is stretched over a brass form that is crimped to hold it tight on the edges. Navy Expeditionary Medal as a slide type
  7. I've only seen them online (not my area main area of interest) and, honestly, the 19th's looks blue in one pic and more teal in another. I mostly went by the closest match to the patch in question. It looks too light to be for the 511th Regiment. Missing a white inner border for another, etc. Dyes also do odd things. Some teal is bad about greying into a light cadet blue color. I had a polo or t-shirt that did that in college. T-shirt probably, because it was a brick red polo shirt that ended up burnt orange in places.
  8. That's a surprise. I'd love to know the story behind that design.
  9. My first guess would be Czech actually, but the roundel isn't oriented right. The lion with a scimitar is Hungarian or Swiss usually. I can't make out the makers stamp on the back. What does it say?
  10. It's the 140th Infantry Regiment, called the Sixth Missouri. Here's a tip. If you are interested in DUIs, learn a few basics of heraldry and look at the meanings of symbols in other DUI. It's how I found this one. Blue is the color of infantry, so I guessed an infantry regiment. The double bar Cross of Lorraine is frequently connected to WWI. I looked at a list of infantry regiments from WWI and there it was. Nice piece.
  11. Worked just fine today for my Kindle Fire. Thanks!
  12. Thanks, Sampo. I'm limited to using my Kindle until I get my laptop fixed, but there is a guy one here, Ben, who wrote a resizer just for this forum and it worked great Here's the odd little critter. It has the government inspected mark and no TIOH code...not sure what to make of that. I have the same mark on a pair of AF Longevity Service ribbons, too.
  13. Seeing really good specialist collections is always great and I love your storage method. I'm a more generalist myself, but this would be great for buttons too.
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