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  1. Thank you very much for your help - I really appreciate it.
  2. Hi, I have a question on this Signal Co. tab because I couldn't find anything about this unit.This tab was pictured with an Eighth Army patch , so I guess it could be from the Korean War era.If I'm right it's a Signal Long Line unit ? Who of you can tell me, what Signal unit wore this tab and was it attached to the Eighth Army ? Any help would be appreciated.Thanks in advance. doughboy
  3. Thanks for your help.Well,the TCA patch was a quick shot and I first recognized the wrong position when I posted the picture. doughboy
  4. Hi everyone, I have read this morning an article in the ASMIC Trading Post Oct.-Dec.05 about the US Army Forces Austria - indeed very interesting and informative.What I wondered when I read this article,was the " Vienna tab " only worn with the US Forces Austria patch, or was it also worn over the Tactical command Austria patch ? Any help would be appreciated Thank you in advance. doughboy
  5. I agree with Airborne-Hunter.My feeling says it's a good one.It's 100% time period. doughboy
  6. Hi, Thank you very much Gentlemen for your help.OK,so I would say it's one of the civilian air school patches like the "Thunderbird Airfield Arizona" school which were active during WW2 -right ? doughboy
  7. Hi altogether, I'm looking for info on this " Antiaircraft Artillery School" ?? patch.I have been looking at ASMIC Trading Post to find something about this patch but had no luck.Unfortunately I don't have a good one and the image below is the only one I found to see what patch I mean.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance. doughboy
  8. Here is a 6th Armored Div. - a real killer patch
  9. doughboy

    Patch Tabs

    Thank you very much greendevilsix and patches for the info.
  10. doughboy

    Patch Tabs

    Yes, the two scrolls on the left.
  11. doughboy

    Patch Tabs

    Hi, On page 29 post #708 are pictured 6 different Honor Guard scrolls.Can someone of you tell me please what patch goes with the blue and the red/ yellow scroll ? I have never seen these two color variations before.Thank you for your help. doughboy
  12. Thank you very much for your great help.No,I got this at a ASMIC Collectors meeting over here in Germany.Well,to find the matching patch - I think this is be nearly impossible, so I thought to match it with a regular german made patch.
  13. Hi everybody, I have got a 43rd Inf.Div.tab and I wondered if this is a good one.I never saw one like this before and the only one that I know are fully embroidered.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks in advance. doughboy
  14. It's a WW2 Fairbairn Sykes.What I know is ,that all these Fairbairn knives, stamped "England" on the crossguard were sold after ww2 (ca.very early 1950's) in the US. I could read somewhere they were stamped "England" due to US regulations of foreign weapons after WW2.
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