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  1. hellcat_0413, That is the prettiest 802nd Tank Destroyer patch that I ever saw! Most have moth nips. Thanks for sharing! Scotty, Thanks for your reply. Because of your response, I bid, but came in second place. Oh well!
  2. The fabric looks wrong to me. What do you think? https://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-FELT-DEVIL-WINGED-SKULL-PATCH-NO-RESERVE/143775187420?hash=item2179ab41dc:g:U-QAAOSwEx5ffauU
  3. I found the passenger lists in Fold3 for the U.S. Grant and my Great Uncle was listed as leaving Fort McDowell on 19 November 1930. I have found him on Fold3, Find A Grave, Ancestry, and NARA. Any other suggestions? When I was young, my Grandmother gave me a cigar box with some of her 9 brother's pins. Luckily, only 4 served. I have included a photo of him that I photoshopped in his actual pins. Still figuring out which pins went with who. Thanks for everyone's help!
  4. My great Uncle was delivered to Manila in 1930 in this vessel. I have two questions. 1.) Did the Army own this ship? 2.) Was the crew Navy or what? I've been trying to discover my Uncle's military record. He had 3 other brothers that served too. Thanks in advance.
  5. Here is a real bullion one from SOS a few years back.
  6. I always liked this display ... which was broken up and sold. I believe this picture was taken at the 2013 Show of Shows in Louisville, KY.
  7. I always believed that the large Infantry Cap patch was the first variation made. When I picked up the small one at SOS, I was told by the seller that it was the early one. All variations that followed it usually had the white (or other color) circle border. So which came first?
  8. Mort, I talked down the prices on 3 of the 5 patches. I believe I paid less on all except maybe the Goldfish patch. I really enjoyed seeing patches that I have never seen in real life before. One example for me is below. I never saw a bullion example in real life before going to this show. He only wanted to trade for it and I only had cash. He took it out of the case for me to photograph. He thought it was worth $4,000.00.
  9. Did anyone get anything good at the show? Here are the 5 patches that I picked up.
  10. I searched further on the CIA.gov site and I think I have the answer. I first found the photo here ... https://www.flickr.com/photos/ciagov/5416784732 But then found this better description ... it says REPLICA! https://www.cia.gov/about-cia/cia-museum/experience-the-collection/index.html#!/artifact/74
  11. This is in the CIA Museum. Based on this thread, I don't think it is correct? It is twill. They do not have a picture of the back. What do you all think? Is it real?
  12. I just picked up the 464th PFAB, so it took me a long time to get. The soaring British-made glider I picked up years ago, but I still think it is rarer. What do you think?
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