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  1. Got the vets hat today from his daughter
  2. IMG_0647.JPG This is him on the left
  3. Could be, just a thought I had, maybe they were pillboxes or a trench line, one sketch I didn’t show was of a boat maneuvering. I will definitely let you guys know when I find out, I did narrow it down within 90% that he picked it up on Okinawa, his daughter said he also had the soldiers rifle but it went missing years ago.
  4. It was taken on August 27, 1945
  5. Found out the picture is of POW camp 183 Kobe, Japan
  6. does anyone know what this ribbon is? TYIA
  7. I will, I’m looking for someone to translate it now, it has sketches and diagram type drawings so I’m thinking it might be more military than personal
  8. Just got this today from the vets daughter, she said he took the diary or note book off of a Japanese soldier he killed.
  9. rusl4

    KBAR Knife

    Hi all, does anyone know the value of a Robeson (ShurEdge) Cutlery Co. KBAR? It's marked USN 43 with sheath, I havent seen it yet but the guy says it's very nice, he found it in a tackle box at a yard sale and wants to sell it but I have no idea the value of it. Thanks in advance. Russell
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