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  1. Thought this was gonna be easy to figure out but it appears their was not a 32nd Armored Division. Cant get an exact handle on this Armored patch. I don't think it was one of those ghost units? Its a cut edge
  2. Hello, this is a 3rd class petty officer Torpedoman or Torpedoman's Mate? I have seen this patch with the Eagle and Torpedo facing right, this ones left, what's the difference if any? Thank you Bill
  3. hello, does this have something to do with the B52 bombers? The B.U.F.F is slang for the b52s. is it associated with any military units? Thanks Bill
  4. thank you all for the reply's, thought for sure it may have been an air force patch of somekind
  5. This looks like some kind of Marine patch but I cant find out any info. any help would be appreciated thank you bILL
  6. Hello need help identifying these military pieces. one marked "Crew's Mess Aft." looks like a key? The other piece has "U.S. 1917 e" marked on it. Possibly a gun part?
  7. Huuuum, seems I've stumped the best on this sight! Cant believe no one can identify this crest. Perhaps it is NOT a military crest?
  8. Hello all does anyone recognize this unit crest? I have done a lot of searching and cannot match it up. any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Bill
  9. A close match but not it, I looked at both Iceland and Greenland, no match. I do agree that it might be some sort of Command patch, but nothing is turning up that matches it. Thanks for the reply's
  10. Hello need help with identification of a patch that I have been told it is most likely a Civil air Patrol patch? I cannot turn up a picture of it anywhere. Can anyone id it for me? I may have it upside down? It is 2" in dia. all help would be appreciated. thanks Bill
  11. Hello Having trouble identifying this U.S. Patch. It looks like it should be from the U.S. Army Logistical Commands unit but cant seem to pull up any info on it. any help would be appreciated thanks Bill
  12. need help with identification of this foreign patch any help would be appreciated
  13. Need help with this foreign patch. Has anyone seen it before? any help in identification would be appreciated
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