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  1. Ok, I see that now. It looks like they are only signed by the artist with no vet signatures.
  2. Not sure what you mean by open edition. Every edition whether it had 25 signatures, or 2, had original hand signed autographs. You can check out their website, I believe the editions and number of prints in each edition is still on their website. They are very reputable, and take their prints very serious. I met them a few times at the Reading airshow along with John Shaw. That is where they got their start. Very nice people. They had 5 initial "Band of Brother" prints, all of those and their editions are sold out. They did come up with other prints that had some of the Band of Brother
  3. Anything you buy from Valor Studios is an original signature from the vet. They do not sell copies or facsimiles. Lieut106's print is a publisher proof, they only made 101 of them. The different editions are distinguished by the amount of signatures on the prints. Some have more signatures and others have less. Anything with a Dick Winters signature is the least published edition and hardest to find.
  4. Wow, that was grossly underestimated. It is worth a lot more than that. I have both of those prints. I was offered $3,000.00 for "We were the Band of Brothers" alone. Might want to get a hold of Valor Studios and have them appraise it, then send that to your insurance company. I will give you $60.00 for it. LOL!!!
  5. Steve, I try looking on the US Army enlisted website last night for the laundry number C9573. Then I looked at the results for the numbers 215 in it. There were a couple close to it. Might want to look for yourself, maybe you will see something I didnt.
  6. I knew I wasn't crazy. I see the difference now. I don't know how you guys remember all this stuff. By the way, I love the helmet. Is that for Korea? Is that paint or decals?
  7. Ok, thank-you. I know I see a lot of Korea war era helmets with the side decals that you mention. It does looks like it has been on there for a long time.
  8. Thought I would post my modern helmet along with the vintage one.
  9. I found the name Llewellyn on the helmet band
  10. Thank- you Mike. I was so close to scratching the paint off, I didn't know what it was. I thought I better check with you guys first. I learned two new things from you today.
  11. Ok, thanks. I always thought the half wing meant pathfinders. Was it common to decal helmets then?
  12. I purchased this helmet with liner, and when I removed the cover, I noticed the paint underneath. Has anyone seen this before?
  13. Not sure if this is Vietnam era. If it is, was it common for guys to put decals on their liners?
  14. Wow, you certainly know your maps. I had no idea what it was, I have never seen one before. Do you have any idea of the value of the three maps together with the yellow case? I'm thinking about selling them. I don't want to split them up though, I think they were always together. I'm also thinking about selling the bloodchit.
  15. Thank-You Dustin, that was a big help. I learned something new.
  16. Thank-you Dustin! Here is what I got. S2/S3, K3/H2 and a K1/K2. Would all three of these belong in the yellow pack? Was the Russian bloodchit a separate item from the pack? I also got the Europe C/D pack with a compass and hacksaw. The saw is pretty cool, it small with what looks like a handle. Some of the handle is missing. Have you seen a saw like this? Thank-you.
  17. I got this US yellow case with some silk maps and a Russian bloodchit. It is the same size as the typical silk map "MAPS ONLY" case. Does anybody know what it is for? Not sure it held the silk maps, but is a different version. Thank-you for your help!
  18. Can't believe how nice that cleaned up. Awesome find!
  19. Wow!!! Awesome you found his name. So nice to put a name to a helmet and it's history. Looks like the vet wanted you to find it, that's why it suddenly slipped.
  20. There was a photo posted on this forum of a marine with one of these strapped to his back. I believe they were used, just not sure if anyone has seen a variation like this one.
  21. Wow, great photos. Sad I have to wait another year.
  22. I picked this shovel up today thinking it was the rare fixed USMC Shovel that's been posted about on here before. When I got it home, I compared it to my other example and I noticed it isnt reinforced. Could this be an earlier version or possibly a prototype? I can't find any markings on it anywhere. Has anyone seen one like this before?
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