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  1. I like the picture, thanks King802. It is a fixed bail, and it doesn't look to be repainted. I'm leaning more towards WWII.
  2. Thanks Stealthytyler. I guess it is going to be tougher than I thought.
  3. Thought I would bump the topic to see if someone could look into a muster roll. It would be awesome to put some history with the helmet. Thanks again!!! Dave
  4. I recently purchased this fixed bail EGA painted helmet and would like to find out who the soldier is. It appears the name is R. M ucker. I'm not sure there is a letter in between the "m" and the "u". I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank-you!!!
  5. Very fun hobby!! There are a couple of good books out there. Might want to invest in one if you really take an interest.
  6. Can the refunded helmets be scratched/etched down to the medal with the word "repro" in the front. That way, even if it was painted over, you would still see the word. This will save it from being sold in the future for anything other than what it is.
  7. What is going to happen with the refunded helmets? Personally, I think they should be destroyed. It would be terrible if they wound up in some fleamarket only to get recycled back on here a few years from now. Just my two cents.
  8. This is the shell it came with. Would this be the Marine Corp green that was sometimes sprayed on helmets?
  9. I purchased this WWII green washer liner with a fixed bail helmet, and I'm not sure what the two horizontal lines mean. Does anyone know what this is? Thank-you Dave
  10. Nice!! Now you need some shells to go with them.
  11. I think if it were a frat, they would have painted the outside shell with the same BKO, and I don't think the camo would look as good as it does. You don't think a soldier could have put that on there? Guys did a lot of different things to their helmets.
  12. I had someone else mention it could be an ARVIN helmet. The shell is pretty awesome. It has nice patina with the stress cracks and the rust coming through the paint. Part of the buckle is missing and what is left is rusted. Do you think I should marry it with a different liner?
  13. You learn something new everyday. Sure looks like a Paramarine wing. It is almost identical. Thanks guys!
  14. I purchased this FS SB helmet from ebay and I wanted to get opinions. The camo green paint on the shell matches the liner, and you can see the rust spot on the corner of the liner that matches to the shell. They have been together for a long time. It looks like USMC green both in the camo and the liner, and i know some guys camoed their helmets on their own. There is rust coming through the camo throughout the helmet. It looks like there was a 1 painted on the back of the liner, but it is peeling off. The one thing I didn't understand was the silver paint underneath the peeling liner. It
  15. I picked this bracelet up, and wondered in it was paramarine. Also, I was told the red bars represent 20 jumps and the white represents 10. If that is the case, this bracelet represents 50 jumps. Not sure if that is true, has anyone seen one of these? It is unnamed and has the numbers 925 on the clasp. I believe that means sterling silver. Thank-you!! Dave
  16. You could also try Aviation Hanger. He has sold a couple of these for thousands.
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