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  1. I pulled that range from a post on the net. That range may have included the 100 pistols sent to the OSS in England. I also noticed there were 504 guns shipped to the War Department for military Intel. Would the 504 be considered OSS or CIA related guns? Those were late shipments, and more then likely included phosphate finishes. Do you have any pistols in your database around my serial number? I would be curious as to where they were shipped.

  2. The shovel the cover came on is also odd. I wonder if this isn't some sort of experimental rig. From my research, this appears to be an early 1905 shovel with no wooden filler. The handle strap is attached by two screws in the front and back for easy removal. There are two holes in back of the metal handle strap and tiny holes in the wooden handle. It appears if the handle were shortened, the metal strap holes would be aligned with one of the tiny wooden holes in the wood handle. The handle would then be straight when reattached. The side picture of the shovel also shows two holes the could have been used to align the shovel head with the handle.



  3. I can see those. That's the mystery. There should be four holes where the ghost images are, and they should continue through the piece of leather on the inside of the cover. You can see the four brass rivets on Doyer's example (the last post). Mine does not have the four holes in the leather piece or remnants of rivets either. You can see that in the 2nd post 2nd picture. How would the cover be hung then? What was used to hang it?

  4. I don't think it was torn away, it was never added. You can see there aren't any holes in the canvas on the front of the cover, nor in the leather inside the cover. Look at pictures 4 and 5. On Doyler's example (the last picture) you can see the 4 rivets on the bracket that goes through the canvas, and then the leather on the inside of the cover. There are no holes for the rivets on mine anywhere.

  5. I purchased this 1909 shovel cover yesterday, and it doesn't have the attached metal bracket with hook similar to the Kraig bayonet. It appears to have never had one, since there are no holes in the canvas or the leather inside the cover. It does look like something was inside the square leather rectangle, because you can see the outline of four circles. Has anyone seen this before? Is it another variation? Do you know what could have been used to hang the shovel cover? I attached pictures of one with the metal hanger for comparison. Thank-you for your help.



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