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  1. Good job guys!!!! Awesome helmet!!!
  2. It's a really nice liner, and somewhat rare. You don't see too many of them. I would enjoy it the way it is. Nice find! I love the early liners.
  3. Any advice on the forum for leather preservation has been to leave it alone. I personally have used Pecard before and thought it did a nice job in making the leather more supple. The strap is already broke, I would probably leave it alone. Just be careful not to pull it off on the other end.
  4. If you think the original paint was removed, not sure removing the OD repaint is getting you anywhere other than a bare liner. In my opinion, I would rather have a repaint than no paint. I would just leave it alone. As for the chinstrap, it is a permanent chinstrap and not replaceable. I would probably leave it alone also.
  5. I would leave the metal alone, it looks like it is in nice shape. Be careful removing the outer paint, don't use something too aggressive. You might be able to find the original paint under the layers.
  6. Haven't gotten that far yet. What is it worth?
  7. Sigsaye, is it possible the three flags together have one meaning? I read they did that in WWII.
  8. It is very interesting and addicting. Lol! It is frustrating when I can't figure something out though. Would have been nice to talk to the vet who wore it, then I would have been able to pass on its meaning and history. A lot of the helmets posted on here have names and paint that will never be known. History that can be touched, but the story is lost.
  9. I did look into it being a call sign, it doesnt have 4 flags though. I know the first flag seems to always be a Nan (N), then follow by three flags. I always seem to come across the mysteries in this hobby. Lol!
  10. I am possibly purchasing this fixed bail, Hawley liner helmet, and I can't seem to decipher what the painted signal flags mean. The three translate to Charlie, Juliet, and Sierra (CJS). However, I believe these three together have a meaning. I read through my research that there is a Navy WWII code book that may have the translation. Can anyone help with this? Does anyone know what the flag translation means? Thanks
  11. Thank-you! I will have to look at it better when I get home. I sure hope someone can figure out what it means.
  12. Thanks Mike! I figured you might have an idea where to look, I know how much you like these!
  13. I picked up this paratrooper helmet from a collector yesterday. Not sure what the tactical markings are. It is a front seam with a Korea repaint. It has various laundry numbers on the helmet strap and inside the helmet. I am able to make out one name, Clark Newton RA16459548???. Do you guys have any ideas on what the tactical markings mean? Would be nice to find some info out on the soldier also. Thanks guys!!
  14. Nice Helmet!!! How are the words "War Correspondent" attached?
  15. Thanks guys! I think you are on the right track. I found a set of US marked rosettes with the tabs similar to mine. It might have been used on blinders. Has anyone come across these before?
  16. I picked this EGA up today at an antique shop. Would anybody know what it was attached to, and what era it is from? It has three tabs, and is missing the four. Thank-you!
  17. I just emailed the seller. He said the liner is "made out of strips of canvas, impregnated with resin" Interesting, it sure looked like metal to me.
  18. I don't think it has a liner at all. I think the suspension is attached straight to the metal shell, you can see the bolts holding it in. Maybe they were experimenting on a one piece configuration instead of a liner and shell configuration. I would think it would be cheaper to do it this way, and also faster. Pretty cool!!!!
  19. I once owned a first run Hawley. It was stamped "Sample" along with a "1" in the dome. The rayon suspension and washers were different from a standard issue also. I realize this isn't a Hawley, but I would suspect similar traits in a prototypical St. Clair. Maybe the seller thinks the green paint on the inside makes it prototypical. I believe St.Clair 1st issues was the only manufacturer to do that.
  20. I really don't think this is a prototype. I think it is a 1st issued St. Clair. I'm curious to see what others think.
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