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  1. Can anyone find information on ancestry or Fold3 about Ellis H Kint? He was a three war veteran and he was in Normandy. I will try to remove the star if you guys feel it's not wartime, most of it is already worn off anyway. I thought the star might have been plausible considering I've seen a few examples before. Thanks!!

  2. I purchased this helmet named to a Ellis H. Kint 33146995. I started researching his name on the internet and I came up with the following. (Click the "Read More" button after you click the link)



    Is it possible this could be his D-day helmet? I image the star would protect against allied attacks from the air, not sure what the 69 painted on the back would be. I tried researching the serial number and couldn't find a match nor could I find his name in the database. Any help would be appreciated!!





  3. Has anyone seen trousers like these before? They are a two piece system, cover and liner. Not sure if they are some sort of rare variation. The waist strap is held together by M1 helmet connectors. Would like to know more about them. Thanks for your help!




  4. Thanks guys!!! I'm not sure how it was painted without getting paint all over the throat. Even if it was masked off, it would have been really hard to paint that close to the throat without getting paint on the lip. It appears to be painted with the throat off, but there are no signs of the throat being removed. Even if they cleaned the throat off after painting it, there would have been visible signs of scratches on the fiberglass. The brown is a very smooth paint just like the factory green. If it was done by a GI, he put a lot of effort into it and did a really nice job.

  5. Has anyone seen a factory camouflaged M8 before? Did they exist? I purchased this scabbard with an M3 Imperial guard marked knife. It appears the camo was applied by the factory before the throat was attached. It doesn't look like the two taps holding the throat on were messed with.

    Thank-you for your help!!




  6. Not sure if this helps much, but I looked at the helmet at the Mack. The seller claimed both the Raider and 29er came from the same old time collector. They both had white paint on the liner with the words "Marine Raider" and "29th Division" written on them. He wanted $2,800.00 for the Raider and $1,700.00 for the 29er which is by no means cheap. The liner in the Raider is a Hood Rubber and the 29er had a worn Hawley. I really didn't scrutinize the helmets much because they were out of my price range. They both seemed like they came from the same place/collection. I'm by no means making a claim either way, just letting you know what I saw. Maybe tying them together will help in the decision process.

  7. I use a screw driver on web gear also, especially gear that has been used hard like early Marine corp. items. I'm also very careful with Para liner snaps. I think it is best to leave snaps unsnapped or rub a little bit of gun oil on the male and female ends, but be careful not to stain the gear though. It only takes a little bit on a Q-tip.

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