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  1. I'm having a hard time figuring this jacket out. He obviously was in Europe, but he doesn't have a European ribbon, nor does he have a WWII victory ribbon. He has a service stripe but no overseas stripe. Is it possible the jacket is missing a ribbon bar? I realize I dont know half of what you guys know, but does any of this make sense? Also, the jacket came out of the Somerset Pa area, I'm guessing those national guard units mentioned wouldn't be correct.

  2. I need some help with identifying a ribbon. I purchase this jacket and cap from a thrift store, and I have no idea what the ribbon is on the far right. It almost looks like a prisioner of war ribbon, but it isn't exact from the examples I found. I'm also not sure what the 80-888 numbers are. There is also a S-O-989 number. Thank-you for your help!!!



  3. Can you tell if there is a painted Indian under the modern paint? If so, maybe you can be very careful to remove the modern paint. If there was never an Indian underneath, then you would have a nice EGA named marine helmet. Just my thoughts.

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