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  1. The helmet has the leadership stripes, which leads me to believe it was used sometime around D day. The laundry stamp narrows the last name to begin with a "V". Can I get a list of all the officers from the Offical Army Register that begin with "V" and start from there.

  2. Thank-you. I tried that route, but didn't find an officer listed. I found a post on the forum that discusses officers marking their belongings with laundry marks. It seems they did do that. I found another posting about the laundry mark data base, and it seems officers aren't included. I would have thought there would have been some sort of officer list from WWII available somewhere. It looks like the officer who wore the helmet might have been promoted to colonel. The colonel insignia looks to have been painted over top of a Lt. Colonel insignia.

  3. I can't seem to figure out who wore this helmet in WWII. The liner is a Type 8, St. Clair made late 1942 - early 1943, and the heat lot is a 586 fixed bail. The paint is hand painted and tested positive for lead. I found a laundry stamp that looks to be V-9472. The liner has an attached clutch back sterling colonel insignia. Can anyone help with identifying who might have worn this?



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