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  1. The name E.L. Duncan is stamped inside the jacket. I couldn't find a laundry stamp though. I think the GI would be thrilled to know guys are still talking about his jacket after all these years.
  2. I have an American USMC made pack, and it seems to be very similar. I don't have a British pack to compare it to.
  3. The strap was made in 1943 by the Froehlich co. I believe it is US made, not 100% sure though. Thanks Dave
  4. I purchased this from one of my collector buddies, not sure how rare it is.
  5. Freedom is never free. Thank-you vets!!!

  6. Mike, That was funny!! I have to say, the one in the blue is quite hot. The guy I bought the jack from thought it might be the same girl in both pinups. Dave
  7. I purchased this from a collector who had it for years. He really couldn't give me any other information. The jacket is named to what looks like an E.L. Duncan. The jacket has that been there done that look to it. It has some holes, and a nice size rip in the right sleeve.
  8. I purchased this jacket yesterday, and I wasn't sure what it was till my friend told me. It appears to be a cut down WWII parka. Apparently, soldiers who drove motorized vehicles did this to make it easier getting in and out of the vehicle. Has anyone heard of this? Is it common for GI's to put pin ups on field jackets? Any bit of information would be great.
  9. Oh my, that is cool. The US Marine Corp makes more sense. It looks like a G.I. was trying to write it himself. Do you think it was intended to be in Japanese or Chinese? That would help to find out where it might have been worn. That is very interesting, and it will go good with my Marine stuff. Thank-you so much!!!!
  10. Thank-you so much minesweeper. That is a great post. I am thinking the liner was replaced, that is the reason there isn't a tag. It seems like the Navy didn't mark their jackets very much, so this one seems kind of special.
  11. I can't find a pen holder in the left pocket. The leather is still very supple and the paint is in good shape. The collar is a little worn, but it is pretty old. I would really be nice to confirm what it says, and the history to go along with it. Thanks for your input!!!
  12. I recently purchased this jacket, and I wanted to try figuring out what it is and what it says. The tag is missing, but it does have the USN stamp behind the collar. It once had a name tag, but was removed long ago. I took it to a Chinese restaurant, and they thought it might be Japanese. They thought the translation was US Navy Club, but they weren't certain. Also, could someone put a value to the jacket, I really don't know much about these. Thanks Dave
  13. Oh my, that is really nice. I would love to own that!!!
  14. Wow, cool find. Any chance some of them were featured in the HBO series the Pacific?
  15. I just bought one myself. A good place to check signatures is on R&R auctions website. Just pull up prior auctions to compare your signature.
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