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  1. I don't think Seaman made a paraliner. Those look like repro yokes to me. Might want to take a picture of the outside shell.
  2. I talked to the forums WWII parachute expert. He informed me this is the correct parachute for a T5 pack, just a later version from the 42 drawing date. Just wanted to complete the post in case other members have the same question in the future.
  3. Thank-you! I think the same canopies were used by both paratroopers and the AAC. I have been combing the net, and I can't seem to find anything on this particular 43 drawing number.
  4. Can someone please help me with this parachute canopy? I wanted to know if this is a reserve canopy, and did the paratroopers use these? The canopy is marked CANOPY ASSY DWG NO 43G26405. There is also the number 24 stamped on it. From what I researched, the reserve chutes were a 24 panel, but I can't seem to find this particular drawing number anywhere on the internet. Thank-you Dave
  5. I love seeing posts like this where the forum gets together to gather information. Awesome post Screamingeagles101. I saw this on ebay as well, I wish I would have looked into it more. Good job!!! You made a killer find.
  6. Thanks Bob! I learned something new today. That is pretty cool seeing the other pictures.
  7. I bet that is him. The guy I bought this from has an antique shop. He had it forever, and we live in Pa.
  8. It appears the picture is clued to a thicker card stock. I can look better tonight.
  9. He kind of looks like US Grant, could this be him? Maybe his father signed the photo? I have seen stuff like that in WWII.
  10. It appears the picture is attached to a piece of thicker card stock. You can see the gap at the bottom. I don't know a lot about civil war personal. He must have done something for someone to get an autograph from him.
  11. I wasn't sure where to post this. Can someone help me identify who this Civil war soldier is? It is a hand signed photograph, it appears he might have been someone important. Thanks for you help! Dave
  12. Thank-you Artur95, glad I listened to the sellers story on this one. Looks like he was in the Philippines and the Oakinowana campains.
  13. I purchased this swivel bail a while ago, and was told this soldier served on the LST-597. I wondered if you guys could help in finding more out about him. His name looks to be Ayala. J. Sorry the pictures are turned, I couldn't straighten them. Thanks for you help! Dave
  14. Wow Bob, good job! I have a helmet the soldier cut the straps off of it himself. I heard they did that from time to time, this might have been what happened to yours. I would like to know more about the soldier on my helmet. I will start a new post, I don't want to interrupt this one.
  15. The whole helmet and liner have been repainted. You can see the brush strokes. I'm not really seeing chips in the green, but you can see chips in the crosses.
  16. This is a fabulous helmet! You should be proud to own it, I know I would be.
  17. I own a Paratrooper rear seam stainless rim.
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