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  1. Thanks guys!!! I terrible with patches!!!
  2. Wanted to know if this real or a reproduction? Also, if it is real, can I please have an approximate value? Thanks in advance for you help!!!
  3. I've owned WWII helmets that have had the sweatbands mounted to the nape strap, that is not that uncommon. I've also seen and owned helmets with sweatbands mounted sideways. The adjustment is on the side as opposed to the back. Soldiers did whatever they wanted to make their lives a little better. Not sure what regulation there would be against that.
  4. Nice helmet!!! Looks like a lot of the signatures are from Reading. Not sure how they got Dick Winter's signature though, I don't believe I've ever seen him there, and he rarely signed stuff other than prints for Valor Studios.
  5. Nice find!! I love the para helmets also.
  6. That's awesome!!! Thank-you for the info!!!! I couldn't find a tag anywhere. Would love to hang it on my wall, I guess I would need some sort of frame.
  7. I picked up this tank flag today, but I'm really not sure what it would be used for or what era it is from. It appears older. Did the US fly flags on their tanks, or would this be some sort of headquarters flag? Thank-you for your help!!
  8. Not sure why that last picture looked weird. I posted it again.
  9. I had to buy this liner, it's another star painted helmet/liner. Thought I would renew the post. Would be nice to know the meaning of it. Does anyone else have any they can post here.
  10. I just read his citation, that is crazy what he did. Why did it take until 2014 for him to get the MOH? That seems so wrong in so many ways.
  11. Thank-you guys!!! I learned some things!! Leave it to me to find a mystery. Lol!! If any of you guys are interested in this uniform, please let me know. I will be listing it for sale either here or on ebay. I would rather one of you ribbon guys get it. Thanks again!!!
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