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  1. Repro from the 70s/80s, made for collectors/vets
  2. Yup, that’s the model. Just a heads up it’s better to post photos as opposed to links. After a few years the links expire.
  3. None of the jackets in that photo are leather, looks like an ETO style officers coat
  4. Generals rank insignia is VN made the rest is US made
  5. Wild guess but could this be for a fire company ?
  6. Beautiful hat, has the wrong badge though. The badge is US Air Force late 40s/50s period.
  7. Awesome stuff the FSSF is killer
  8. That is too cool, thanks for sharing.
  9. It’s women’s army, likely 80s period as there is no DSA mark
  10. Photo is small, but it’s repro. Computer generated
  11. I don’t really see anything that sticks out as wrong. Canadian wings are interesting.
  12. chevrons were first used in 1946-47 I believe
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