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  1. It takes usually 2 days, longer on the weekend for funds to clear. Once they are deposited into your account it’s usually an additional day to clear. From what I understand everyone is going to have to change to this payment system eventually.
  2. It is cut edge but much later issue. As mentioned 60s period, right before they switched to merrowed edge
  3. These are fairly good in hand, but the off green backing is the giveaway like you said. The guy who made these also made the football shaped service cmd
  4. Picked this up this week, it’s similar to the British WW1 gas mask but no the same. Appears to be missing the hose as well. Any thoughts are appreciated
  5. These are the best kind of shops. Usually pretty hit or miss. Nice score though
  6. They are just artillery officer collar insignia not unit related as mentioned.
  7. Not a shako plate, looks like a foreign breast badge
  8. Doesn’t look like any armored tab I’ve seen. Super cool theater made tab though
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