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  1. There is a huge thought among online sellers that if it doesn't sell at one price, you keep raising it each relist. I've never quite understood it myself, but it is a huge thing. Etsy is really big into this. You put it on and it doesn't sell. If it is an item that you know should sell, it means your price was too low and you made people think you item was a cheap, junky item. As you raise the price, it makes people think that they are getting a better, much more valuable item than the other person. That's the marketing thought behind it. Not that I go for it, but Mom's read enough
  2. Might be your guy on the Muster Rolls: Here is one, he's listed as a Radio Op.
  3. This is cool! Now, my understanding is that barathea is a blend with silk. Or was it cotton? Something. Is the Elastique simply the weave or a fibre blend like barathea?
  4. Thanks for the help! Mom says you hit her question on the head with it feeling like poly double-knit!
  5. While I can't help with this, that's super cool that your daughter is getting into some history! Always love hearing when someone younger is liking something historical! How old is she?
  6. You're welcome! It is always fun to be able to add more to a name for an item!
  7. Hi! Here is the inside tag from a 1942 US Army Officer's jacket: Hoping someone can tell me what the fabric fibre content is? Wool Gabardine, but is it a wool blend? The tag doesn't say, and we couldn't find another that stated fibre content. Just have to find out! This fabric is amazing! But it feels like a wool blend. But it is some of the nicest gabardine we've ever gotten to see!
  8. Cool! Here is a troop transport record with a George A. Livingston that I bet is yours . . . https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/170370282/george-a-livingston Here's an obit, Lansing State Journal, 15 June 1960:
  9. While I can't help at all with the decals . . . anyway you have some photos showing the burlap cover? I am wanting to make a burlap cover for my helmet, but am trying to research how they look and what shape I need to cut the burlap!
  10. Sis has some friends who are British militaria collectors, if you want to give me a photo of your medal and have her ask about it!
  11. Hi! Probably some basic questions here, but exactly what does a number on a medal tell you? Also, can you find out what number a soldier would have been awarded, if you have his service number?
  12. Thanks for all the info! this is interesting! That is an immense amount of items all together, that's for sure! I did notice that there were no Vietnam ribbons, which seemed odd for someone serving at the time that he did. The funny thing is, sometimes in researching I find that higher officers are harder to find out about than lower ranks! Of course . . . you'd think there would be something more about the Presidential Medal of Freedom, etc. Also, it is a funny Church to look up, really, as it is hard to find anything deep about it! Can't wait to watch your group unfold! Some amazing items re
  13. Enjoying following this thread! Very interesting, and certainly adds a lot of insight for newer collectors to make sure and do all the research you guys are doing. Thanks for sharing all of this, as it is super informative! Really nice stuff, manayunkman, even if it isn't exactly going to be all original together. Are you thinking of parting it out or keeping it together?
  14. No . . . wait . . . . do you mean the ALCC Archbishop? So, he claimed the Presidential MoF but didn't really have one?
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