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    Pilot , flight helmet collector .. own Phoenix Flight Gear .. main intrest is flight helmets and oxygen masks .
  1. I just aquired a A-7 mask ( been looking for one for ages !) But I've never seen a A-8 with the single foam exhalation port .. Have several of the A-8-B's in my collection .. so now I need to go after one of those .. anybody ever see one come up for sale ?
  2. I own 2 ea. , IJA pilot helmets , one rabbit fur interior and one canvas/leather , both in excellent display condition , but wouldn't a oxygen mask be a great add-on to them .. But I've never seen one for sale , and even finding a picture of one is hard ... the only one I can come up with is the one displayed in the USAF museum ... So my question is .. Do any of you collectors have one ? .. or much less know of any for sale ?, .... I heard that the reason they are scarce is that most of the Japanese , just placed and bit onto a rubber feed tube placed into their mouths and sucked oxygen th
  3. Hello .. Im a knowledge helmet collector , ( I have several of this type with different vintage details in my collection ) and live in the Phoenix, AZ area ... If you'd like to meet and let me see the helmet up close , Im sure I can better date and tell you a bit more about it's history ... cepilot@hotmail.com ... Mike
  4. ON SPH-4/5's with oxygen mask receivers .. they were installed alot for CH--54 helicopter crews that would take that beast to over 20,000 ft. altitude flights !.. I wish I had kept the web page on the parachute riser stuff .. I got it off the internet , just browsing , on military parachute / ejection events .. and aviation life support riggers .. And I too have see alot of pictures of aircrew with SPH-4/5's in fixed wing military aircraft .. But if you go todayt to the GENTEX web site , or buy a new Gentex helmet from Gibson and Barnes .. the helmets for liaability , have to leave the f
  5. I heard a Mohawk helmet story .... when the first SPH-4's came out ... several dual rated heli & fixed wing pilots , tried to wear their helicopter SHP -4's flying the Mohawk .. and having a ejection event ... the bulged ear bump-outs , the parachute risers caught under the helmet and a otherwise sucessful ejuection , ended with the pilot taking the full schock of the deploy-ed parchute with his neck and either killed him , or broke his spine .. had to go thru a bunch of these til they finialy figured it out , and disallowed fixed wing flight with the SPH-4 and 5 helmets.. But ironic I
  6. On one of my last post’s a French collector mentioned seeing a HGU-2 in my collection, and I had it out over the weekend so I took a few shots of it ... I originally got it from a ALSE tech that was stationed in Vietnam on F-105 ‘s , and he told me it had flown missions over North - Vietnam ... but the condition was pretty beat up when I got it .. It was camo taped , but with many ‘ding’s’ and peeling tape , dirty chin and nape straps , badly scratched visor lens , and all foam liner pads and ear seal foam decomposed . So a restore was called for …, I stripped it to the bare shell .. a lo
  7. and , one more .. still have about 15 more helmets unshown and about 12 or so , still looking for parts to complete .. Mike
  8. sorry for the slow post .. but got a new 'puter' ... these are from my last post of my displaying at a USAF base open house a week or so ago .. enjoy Mike / Cepilot
  9. Just a picture of a showing of some of my collection, I displayed last weekend at the , USAF , LUKE AFB , open house, in Phoenix, AZ .. ( they say 500,000 people attended ! ) .... I put out 60 helmets , from WWII to current ... The display is for a nation wide aviation group Im on the board of .... and my helmets are the draw to get people over to chat about it ..... ( American Aviation Historical Society ) ... ( plus one 'stinky-old' , HGU-55 and mask , helmet I let kids wear and get their picture taken with .... big draw , always had a line ! .. must be a zillion pictures around Phoenix
  10. Great pilot setup ! and excellat quality and detail item's it's made up of .... but I thought that by 1963 a , HGU-2 helmet would be correct .. at least for a USAF pilot .. but, I guess NATO pilots might still be using the older P-4 helmet ... thanks for post the pictures .. .
  11. The shipping can alone is quite a collectable, much less the new mask inside .. nice score ! .. Mike / Cepilot
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