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  1. Kevin, You said a few messages ago this is an old post. But, this about the best we're going to get on this topic. As I posted back in april of this year, Posted 02 April 2018 - 04:17 PM The best referrance for these badges that is still available is the #6 of Vol #54 of the JOMSA. George Kane has written a couple of books. But, good luck finding them or him. As per the JOMSA Barry Weaver discuss's the Dept.Graves registraion officer Badge ID. This badge rank strap was not created until after 1939 it is the Col. Eagle with a wreath dangle. If there ever on for the Post or National level, w
  2. The best referrance for these badges that is still available is the #6 of Vol #54 of the JOMSA. George Kane has written a couple of books. But, good luck finding them or him.
  3. I am looking for a 1877 membership badge with incused stars in the trefoils. these badges have a letter H prefix on the number. Which stands for General John F. Hartranft commander-N-Chief of the GAR. These badges also usually have a pointed tip wing Eagle top bar. Top cash paid or a finders fee or trade. I need this badge for a up in coming OMSA convention display. I would be willing to get just the bottom drop/ star without the ribbon or eagle. Regards Peter M. Coulton 253-582-8882
  4. Kevin, I am working closely with Roger Heiple whom at one time wrote the Great Republic a newsletter for GAR collectors about a book on GAR badges. He has written a whole chapter about the 3BN badges and Ribbons. In his newsletters he had lots of articles about the 3BN badges. If you join the Civil War Veterans Historical Association. You can have access to our newsletter and Roger's old newletter's online. The web address is WWW.CWVHA.ORG We meet once a year at Mansfield Ohio @ the Ohio Civil War Show on the first week end of May. We have banquet on Saturday evening after the show back the
  5. Jeff, Is spot on this one. This hoax just won't go away. The dealers know that if they call it a Civil War medal they can try to sell it for $50 If they tell you what it really what it is (a Knights Templar Malta Jewel) then they can only get about $5 to $15. you can buy these brand new from the LA fraternal supply co. for about $14.95. Check their website. FYI; all GAR official badges MUST have the letters GAR or say Grand Army of the Republic on them. That is from the GAR rule book! Peter M. Coulton
  6. Although, Mr. Elliott, may still be alive. Lee Bishop is not. I spoke with Mr. Bishop just shortly before his passing. He admitted to me that they too got it wrong about the GAR death badge / Knights Templar Malta Jewel mix up. He said that he had used Brad Longs book and not bothered to double check the source. He gave me a letter of retraction on this issue. Peter M.Coulton
  7. Brad longs book is full of errors! When he came to the Mansfield civil war show. A few years back and we confronted him about the errors, he said that he would correct them in the second printing. He did not! Also beware of Turner Kirland book as well It also has errors about the GAR death Badge. Which is a Hoax!
  8. These are original badges. The enameled ones were made by the w.t. Hayward Co of N.Y. The other two shown on top are from the GAR badge company. Private jewelers also made some of these badges. Demerest got the contract from the GAR to make membership badges in 1869. These are know as the MOH style badge. Peter M. Coulton CWVHA charter member #15 OMSA 7443
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