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  1. Thanks everybody! G.I.- That's pretty fascinating, I've never heard of an Air Wing to infantry MOS change before. Where did he serve? I guess there were times when the aviation maintenance crews became de facto infantry anyway. And I'm not sure if he saw any action in the 25th Marines, all I have is some sporadic muster roll documents. I definitely need to research him further. Thanks for looking! Sgt. Maddox- Its an account of the actions of VF-10 from 1941-43. Sort of like a cruise book that was released to the public. Me too!
  2. Last one for a while, thanks for looking! Have a great weekend
  3. Finally, here is the first mannequin setup I've been able to complete. These greens are named to Donald J. C.o.o.p.e.r, a Paramarine who served in HQ Company, 2d Para Bn in 1943-44. The documents I have show that he may have participated in the Choiseul Raid. He later joined the 25th Marines, 4th MarDiv.
  4. Last in the Detolf is some Disney squadron insignia waiting for a better frame. Gotta love militarized cartoons!
  5. The Boot Camp Photo, Garrison Cap, and Scorebook are part of a grouping named to J.H. McMichen. Unfortunately I haven't made any headway on researching him yet.
  6. "This piece of fabric taken from tail section of F4U-1A, Navy Corsair Fighter Plane Fox 28. Recorded speed of 850 M.P.H in power dive, to date the greatest speed on record for any aircraft ever successfully attained VMF 312, 3RD MAW, Parris Island, S.C. December 9, 1943"
  7. Here are some of my favorite Navy/Marine Aviation items. On the left is a VMF(N) 542 Cruise Book. The center piece is a swatch of fabric from the tail section of an F4U-1A. Bureau of Aeronautics stuff is always cool.
  8. It occurred to me today that my addiction to expensive green things began exactly 2 years ago. Everyone I've encountered on the forum has been a tremendous help in getting as far as I have, and I'm thankful for what I've been able to put together! Here is a Marine Corps tribute underway:
  9. Beautiful!! Is there any trick to framing blood chits for preservation? The configurations you have look stunning.
  10. Short of contract numbers, is there any way to date these? I'm trying to figure out whether this is WWII. Thanks for any input!
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