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  1. Thank you very much to all .. I left the helmet! Now, with calm I search for an another one Italian front
  2. Can I quickly buy this Vietnam M1? Please I need of a quickly answer... I have only these photos and this is the description that the seller writes: (sorry for bad traslation...) "...shell M1951: swivel hooks - rear edge cover joint, punched on the front 'M-51A' (Mc Cord production 1951-1958), external color and inside ORIGINAL 95% sanded drab olives. There are signs of time and use, but no major rust and the only dent is what you see at the top of the dome. Chinstrap T1 with the fittings to the anodized black 'clip' shell rings, like the accessories for closing the subject. Liner M1
  3. Misery! Bad day... Now I look better and I see that number 1 is different from others... yes now I think it was a number 4. Thanks Justin I payed 30 euro for a fake cover. I lost a cover, but the seller definitely lost a customer who could buy a lot more. But thank you very much to you partisan
  4. Hi, I have this cover (1971 dated), about Vietnam era. It has a lo of graffiti hanmade and I have some doubs abouts its originality. What do you think about? They are very shade, but this is not sufficient to say they are same era... and... I see on the list of months GIU is missed... can be a reason? Thank you very much in advanced and excuse again my poor english (sorry).
  5. Thanks for the advice olivier , but I came late, sin delivers me so much. Do you have anything to point out to me? I.F
  6. Hi, in my searching for a M1 USMC ww2 cover I found this one. I like it, but I'm not so expert to know if it is an original ww2 cover or a post war cover or an aged good repro... Please give me an help, I know that the EGA were applied after the war (sure?) but is the cover of the ww2 period? Thank you in advanced for your gentle help. Partisan
  7. Thank you very much I'm sorry, but there are not more images... Are there difference between ww2 cover and p.53 cover? How can I know if is ww2 or fifty yeras? Thanks
  8. No one has an idea or an opinion? partisan
  9. Hi, in your opinions is this an original ww2 helmet cover? Thanks in advanced Partisan
  10. Thank you very much for the important informations !
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