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  1. I was just out in Leavenworth this evening for dinner. They have crews out down town clearing the snow. Barring any major snow tonight/ Saturday morning they should be good.
  2. Derek, I agree that it is from a military academy. Unfortunately, without a uniform it will be hard to tell which one. USMA, VMI and Citadel all use the same style as do countless other smaller military academies. Wade
  3. I like it when talented NCOs are able to take the lyrics of songs and turn them into cadences. Two of the most fun ones I've heard are "White Lightning" and "The Battle of New Orleans"
  4. Paul, Looks great cant believe your were able to top your old setup. Cant wait to see it all done. Wade
  5. Agree with everything above. They were selling them at Liberty in 05-06 when I was there too. Some of us would replace the airborne tab with one of these morale tabs on our 101st Patches on patrol.... at least until an NCO found them. I think this stopped when they started making ACU colored patches as the morale patches were only BDU or DCU colors like you have posted. Wade
  6. These uniforms fade out a lot faster than the UCPs. The MULTICAMs can look as faded as your after only a month of washings even if only used at the office. My unit wore these for a month during reintegration after our 2013 deployment. I wore a brand new uniform home and wore then same one through reintegration and mine looked as worn as yours. Not sure if they are meant to fade this fast or not. Wade
  7. For those of you that have stores or businesses that offer military discounts.... This is the best way I have seen it handled amicably. Plainly state in writing that the policy is to receive the discount you must present a valid military ID to receive the discount. Not wearing a uniform, not wearing a Vietnam, GWOT Desert Storm etc... Vet Hat but a ,military ID. IF you want to expand it to those who are not active or did not retire, then you can offer the discount if they can show you a valid DD214. This is actually the policy Apple Bees uses when they offer their free meals to military o
  8. Their circular shape make me thin they were used by the target puller to mark where the rounds struck as noted above. The paddles used by safeties on the firing line where usually square. Where were they found may help shed some light as to what they were used for too. Where they down on the target line or behind what was the firing line?
  9. In my experience, there are many companies that make them online or near most major posts. Each of these companies may vary the material or the shade of blue in the guidon (some are outside of regs). This looks like a Post Vietnam to modern guidon. Judging by its condition I don't think it was on a staff long if at all.
  10. Thank you for your feedback. Won't be buying this one.
  11. Have an opportunity to purchase this patch and wanted to get some opinions on this before I pull the trigger. Thanks in advance. Wade
  12. I agree with TeamSki that its TRB and maybe stands for Training Reserve Battalion.
  13. I don't see someone that was on a HALO team wearing their Master Halo Wings below the Air Assault badge they mostly likely learned before joining SF.
  14. Herb, Maybe the light from the photo but it almost looks like a dark green and yellow so could be MP Piping. Also, the vertical hole could be from LT rank. Hope that helps. Wade
  15. M2 HB rate of fire is 600 rds per minute with 1 out of five bullets being a tracer. So each M2 could shoot 120 tracers in a minute. The M1919 30 Cals (Bow, TC and coax guns also had a rate of fire of about 600 rds a minute so that could also produce up to 120 tracers a minute a piece. If only the 30 cals were firing and they daisy chained the belts so there was no need to reload, each Sherman could fire up to 360 tracer rounds in a minute. Multiply that by the 4 tanks that were firing in one scene and you have a lot of tracers. I don't know if the German Machine guns used green tracer
  16. I think that this process is very important to the decision of if/when women will be allowed to serve in the Infantry. For Infantry officers, earning the Ranger Tab is an unwritten job requirement; and as such Ranger School must be open to women if women are going to serve in the Infantry. Personally I am all for it as long as what I have read is true and the standards will not change. I just hope that Ranger School doesn't become a big political battleground in April when the Coed class begins. 2 Important statistics to remember: Historically, 50% of those that start Ranger School EVENTUA
  17. My vote would be: "Hey boys, do you think Hitler would %^&% one of us for a chocolate bar?" That whole conversation is the most realistic conversation between Soldiers I have ever seen in a movie. Wade
  18. I agree. First I am leery of any add that's post 100% original. I also agree that the writing on the tag doesn't seem quite right. To me it looks like the O at the beginning of the ASN was added as an afterthought. Wade
  19. I think the Director used the gore to show the effects that it had on the Soldiers over time. In the scene after the Armor/IN Team knocks out the AT guns and Norman has the minor breakdown over what he had just seen/done; Gordo tells him simply "this is what we do every day." I don't think that statement was meant to be demeaning to Norman but to wake him up to his new reality. War is a dirty, bloody business. And Soldiers face that reality day after day which can have a numbing effect on them. The bloodiest war movie I have ever scene paled to the gore of real world casualties. While th
  20. Eagles of War on 41A a couple miles South of post used to have a lot of more current surplus.... but its been 5 years since I was stationed there. Wade
  21. Sorry, reread my post and wasn't clear..... I meant that if you earned a BRO combat patch and then later returned to garrison CONUS or PCS'd to another unit, then you had to wear the Black one. The variety of patch types worn by 278 ACR are most likely due to the fact that they were a separate BCT attached to 1ID. Once authorized the BRO, Soldiers most likely procured them from various sources to have them sew on. (They could also wear 278 ACR FWSSI if they wanted. Organic 1ID Units wore the BDU Style BRO patch on both Shoulders for that deployment. SMs were issued these patches by the unit
  22. During BDU/DCU Days: In garrison BRO units forward deployed (Germany or Iraq) wore the Big Red One Patch (1 or two if authorized). CONUS based units (Fort Riley) wore the Black One Patch. If you were in another unit with BRO Combat Patch you had to wear a Black one, the Red one was only authorized by 1ID commander in Germany. ACU Days: in 2006 or 7 1ID asked the Army for permission to wear the Red One Patch for historical reasons. The Army denied the request. As such the BRO patch is only authorized by the 1ID commander for specific reasons ie: Change of Commands, Redeployment Ceremon
  23. The uniform has aviator's wings. This tells me he most likely belonged to the Aviation Brigades Recon SQDN (OH-58 Kiowa). That battalion is currently 1-6 CAV. The officers in AVN RECON SQDNs usually wear CAV BOS and the Stetsons. Wade
  24. I been to this cemetery a couple times while stationed there. The executed POWs mentioned were SS fanatics that murdered there fellow German POWs that gave intel to the US. Thye are buried in the back row and their graves face the opposite direction of the other graves.
  25. I think the most important contribution of the M4 is its legacy that can still be seen today. The newest M1A2 SEPs have quick change power packs, and transmissions as well as improved ammunition storage. These design elements first came about with the Sherman and or its later variants. While the Sherman itself may not have been the most formidable tank, it possessed many important elements that are still used today.
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