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  1. Is this a WW2 made airborne patch? Measures approx 1 3/4" across.
  2. Thank you for lending your expertise. Take care
  3. Thanks for the info. Could it have been privately purchased for use in the Korean War?
  4. Would the soldier have also worn a CIB, above or below the wing?
  5. Thanks for the ID. Is it WW2 or Korea, do you think? Thank you
  6. Can anyone enlighten me on this item? It appears to be a (1944 dated) fuze can of some sort. What would it have held? Someone turned it into a bank by emptying it of contents and applying a coin-sized slit on the lid.
  7. Can anyone give me some information on this WW2 fighting knife? It is unmarked but has a loop at the end of the handle (never seen that before). Someone mentioned it may be a combat engineer knife.
  8. Can anyone tell me which regiment or unit of the 11th airborne is represented by the oval patch? The wings are sterling marked and both patches were on the same (moth-ridden) uniform. Is this WW2 or Korea?
  9. Wow, I think you nailed it. Thank you very much.
  10. I was thinking more likely to be North African or Middle Eastern. Perhaps another forum member can definitively identify it. Thanks
  11. Can anyone help me ID this leather bayonet frog? No markings that I can discern anywhere.
  12. This appears to be a theater made sweetheart bracelet made by a WW2 GI as a souvenir. Any idea what country the coins are from?
  13. Can anyone tell me when this PH was manufactured, based upon its construction? Thank you.
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